Exchange Programs for METU students

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Dear Students,

In accordance with the latest information provided by Tempus Public Foundation (TPF/TKA) the autumn mobility programmes of the academic year of 2020/2021 can be organized and executed as follows: Please read the following information carefully in order to be able to make a responsible decision about the expectable health, financial and educational consequences alike in the current healthcare situation.

- Those people who are supported have to get information about the target country’s epidemic situation when organizing the travel and immediately before travelling and in case the authorities in Hungary or in the target country do not recommend or authorize the travel, the whole travel has to be postponed, the participants still have an opportunity for that.

- You have to require a letter of invitation from the host university containing that bit of invitation that the partner makes a minimum 90 day-long stay (in case of student mobility) and minimum 60 day-long stay (in case of traineeship mobility) as physical mobility between the starting and the finishing dates.  For the remaining period the education/work can be conducted online, you are eligible for the scholarship for that period as well if the student follows the online courses/work in the host university/country/at the work place. In case of courses/traineeship started virtually and later continuing as physical mobility, the contract can be concluded only from the starting date of the physical mobility.

- Gaining information continuously is of paramount importance from the following websites:


- The upcoming mobility is very likely to be a so called “blended mobility” therefore it is reasonable to prepare for that.

We would like to ask you to contact and consult with the host university/host company about the expected academic/traineeship opportunities as in case of a host institution planning to provide ONLY ONLINE EDUCATION mobility cannot be started and no scholarship can be granted.

The contracts can be concluded from the end of July in case - among others - the student possesses such a letter of invitation that details the exact framework of the mobility (the starting date of the mobility, the method of education: virtual or physical, whether they ensure a 3-month long/ 2-month long physical mobility). In case the programme planned and recommended in writing will not take place, the student can submit a force majeure request to the Erasmus Office of the International Directorate of Budapest Metropolitan University (

Please follow the most important news on Coospace and on the website and in case you have any question please contact us or the Tempus Public Foundation.  

Best regards,

International Directorate

Erasmus Office

Brexit INFO

For Students going to UK-base higher education institutions for study/traineeship mobility:

Please, visit the platform of the Erasmus + Program for further information 

Coronavirus INFO

For the Step by Step Guide for STUDENTS taking part in international mobility programmes for the period of the Coronavirus pandemic please click HERE.

For the Step by Step Guide for STAFF taking part in international mobility programmes for the period of the Coronavirus pandemic please click HERE.

We would like to share important information regarding Erasmus+ mobility during coronavirus:

-          If you have already started your student mobility you may decide to continue. If you wish to continue, you need to follow the instructions of the host country/university in order to finish the semester successfully.

-          In case distance learning has been offered by the host university, we recommend that you discuss all details with the host university’s coordinator regarding future exams, availability of transcript and certificate of study/traineeship period, etc. Make sure you gather all the necessary documents in time.

-          Closely follow the latest news about Hungary and the host country and if you wish to return earlier please send us an e-mail (

Tips and regulations for your health:

-          Wash your hands thoroughly and follow the health protocols and advice of your host country

-          Maintain social distance and avoid large gatherings, events, and do not stay outside unless shopping for groceries or medicine. Avoiding close personal contact is the easiest way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe we would like to inform you that if you wish to discontinue your Erasmus+ mobility, please inform us as soon as possible in order to start the administration process. Please be reminded that the National Agency of Hungary and Budapest Metropolitan University may apply the force majeure clause to activities taking place in any affected areas. This means that you may submit an individual request based on the facts that affected your mobility. We hope your educational path will not be impacted by this and you will be able to have another opportunity at a later stage.

In case of force majeure the following documents should be submitted:

-     Individual request (there is no particular template for this, a written and detailed report signed by you is enough (why you decided to finish your mobility, what were the circumstances, etc.) Make sure to gather all the documents/verification/bills to prove your point! Request for force majeure should be sent to

-    Based onthe submitted request and documentation, the International Committee of Budapest Metropolitan University and Tempus Public Foundation will make the final decision.

We are trying to be as flexible as possible in this uncertain time but if you have any study-related issues/doubts (such as courses here at METU/curriculum etc.) please consult with the Student Information Centre.

Take care of yourself and stay safe!

Kind regards,

International Directorate