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For Students going to UK-base higher education institutions for study/traineeship mobility:
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Erasmus+ Call for Application – Student Mobility for Traineeship


Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility
Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) announces a call for applications for participation in the Erasmus+ traineeship exchange program. The application of students who will finish their traineeship by 30 September 2020 will be automatically considered for this call. /APPLICATION ONGOING/

1. About the ERASMUS+ program

As a participant of the Erasmus+ Traineeship program students can spend 2-12 months with completing their traineeship at a company or higher education institution abroad, in case they are enrolled in any BA/MA programs of METU and have active student status during their traineeship period.

How does it improve my professional prospects:

- Staff with international experience are given greater professional responsibility according to 64% of employers, therefore you can expect faster career advancement

- Students taking part in Erasmus+ Traineeship are half as likely to experience long-term unemployment compared with those who have not trained abroad and, five years after graduation, their unemployment rate is 23% lower

- Completed traineeships will be included in the Diploma Supplement

How is it beneficial for my personal development:

- You will become more independent, more conscious in your career choices and will be able to connect to like-minded young professionals across Europe

- You will experience a whole new culture, customs and live a very different lifestyle

- You will develop ‘soft’ skills such as proactivity, adaptability, creativity

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2. Participating countries

Any companies, small-enterprises, research institutes or higher education institutions (except for National Offices, Hungarian Embassies, and EU – bodies) in EU member states and Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Turkey.

Members of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, United Kingdom, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

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3. Scholarship rates

In addition to your salary, you also get an Erasmus Traineeship scholarship. However, depending on the cost of living in the host country, the amount may vary.

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4. Additional funding for people with disabilities and special needs

•There is an opportunity to apply for support for people living with disabilities or special needs.

APPLICATION FORM for undergraduate students and colleagues working in higher education who are disabled or chronically ill supplementary financial grant (academic year of 2020/2021).

5. Conditions to be met to apply for an ERAMUS+ Scholarship

*The total length of time spent abroad (study mobility and traineeship) under the Erasmus+ program cannot exceed 12 months per each cycle of study (BA, MA), independently from the number and type of mobility activities (such as previously completed traineeship or studies funded by Eramsus+ or the so-called “zero grant mobility”, when the student does not receive any financial aid, also counts in the 12 months).


Newly graduated students can also participate in the Erasmus+ student mobility for traineeship within 12 months after their graduation (in this case student have to submit their applications before completing their final exam and in case of successful application they have to sign the contract before the final exam.)

Students who have recieved their pre-degree certificate i.e. they have earned the total number of credits in their programme, but have not successfully completed their final exam or have not received their degree yetare not considered to begraduated students. Therefore they cannot apply for the Freshly Graduate Erasmus+ Internship Programme.

Students can apply for the Freshly Graduate Erasmus+ Internship Programme, if they have an active student status at the University in the currentsemester, and by the end of the semester, they will receive their diploma as well. Subsequently, they will be freshly graduate students during the time of their internship programme.

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6. How to submit the application

The application needs to be submitted ONLINE.

Each student should start only 1 application. When applying to a company/enterprise please look for the OPEN LOCATION TRAINEESHIP option on the application platform.

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7. The following documents should be uploaded

• A CV with a photograph in English and in the language of instruction (if other than English) in Europass format (

• Motivation letter in English and in the language of instruction if other than English

• Certificate of language skills (copy of the language certificate, or a statement of your recent language teacher or of the Institute of Foreign Languages which certifies the level of your language knowledge). You do not need this certificate if you are studying a program at METU where the language of instruction is English, and the language of instruction is also English at the host institution.

• Letter of acceptance or copy of the provisional traineeship contract signed by the host institution (downloadable template at the bottom of the page)

• Completed Learning Agreement for Traineeship, which has been signed by the student and host institution (downloadable template at the bottom of the page)

Students submitting their application accept the terms and conditions of the call.

Application deadline: continuous until 1 June 2020.

The evaluation is performed continuously, decision-making may take up to 2 weeks.

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8. Erasmus+ Office of Budapest Metropolitan University provides a wide range of assistance

• Estimating the amount of available scholarship in advance and providing the funding prior to the departure

• Preparing a step-by-step guide and organizing forums to help students complete their applications and Erasmus+ documents throughout the whole mobility period

• Providing support and advice in preparation for departure and in case of personal difficulties

• Helping the students to make the most out of their Erasmus+ experience

For more information please contact us:


In person:

International Directorate Office

1148 Budapest, Nagy Lajos király útja 1-9. the main building, F110.

Office hours: Monday: 13:00 – 16:00

Tuesday- Friday: 9:00- 15:00

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9. Important Information

Evaluation of applications: Submitted applications are evaluated by the International Directorate, the final list of applicants suitable for participation in the program will be compiled in accordance with the quota specified by the Tempus Public Foundation.

Criteria for evaluation: At the assessment, priority will be given to students whose placement can be considered as a compulsory placement. The evaluation of applications submitted for traineeship is based on the detailed program of the traineeship, language skills of the applicant, and it is also considered if the position fits the study program of the trainee.

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10. After-(approved) application requirements to start your traineeship abroad

• Active study status at METU during the whole period of the Erasmus+ traineeship.

• Learning Agreement for Traineeship signed by all 3 parties (student, host institution, home institution), including the number of credits accepted by METU (only for compulsory traineeships).

OBLIGATORY INTERNATIONAL Accident, Health and Liability Insurance, or Health Insurance Card of the European Union.

• A valid visa for the candidate to the target country, if necessary.

• Completing the online language test (OLS) of the European Committee

• In case of previously completed Erasmus+ mobility, the student must not exceed the maximum 12 months period per study cycle with the scholarship months awarded at this call for proposal.

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11. How to complete a successful Erasmus+ traineeship abroad

• The minimum length of time spent abroad is 2 months, students need to prove the period they spent at the partner by the official certificate of the traineeship period issued by the host coordinator/manager.

• Student needs to receive an evaluation (After mobility part of the Learning Agreement) issued by the host company/ university upon completing the internship.

• The training period at the host institution/company must be fully recognized by Budapest Metropolitan University (Except the case when the mobility for traineeships is fulfilled after graduation)

• Stipends and social contributions that students are eligible for at Budapest Metropolitan University will continue to be transferred to them during their traineeship abroad, but if they are fee-paying students at Budapest Metropolitan University, they will have to transfer their tuition fee for the semester (Except the case when the mobility for traineeships is fulfilled after the graduation).

• In case of fulfilling the internship at a Higher Education Institution ERASMUS+ students do not have to pay the tuition fee to the host university and are fully entitled to all rights that entitles the registered students’ of the host university.

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Useful documents

Guidelines to fill out the learning agreement for traineeship

Certification of Traineeship Period (after mobility)

Step-by-step Guide

Learning Agreement for Traineeships

Invitation letter .docx

Erasmus Traineeship Dictionary

Covid-19 Info and updates from the Tempus Public Foundation

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Finding an internship placement

If you do not have an internship placement already, you might find these trustworthy websites helpful:

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