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Congratulation! You made it!  

The final exam is not only the end of something, but also the beginning of something new. You  have officially become a METU alumni: be part of the alumni community experience, join our private Facebook group and site, so you don’t miss out on what’s new! 

What can you expect when you join the METU Alumni Facebook group? 

  • Exciting professional events and community programs; 
  • Career support and other alumni services, as METU will hold your hand after graduation; 
  • Class and group meetings, because common nostalgia can open new avenues; 
  • Other discounts that we report on our Facebook page and group. 

Your graduate to-do list: 

How can you claim your discounts?  

To apply, you must submit an application in Neptun called “METU Forever Discount Validation” in the Administration / Applications menu. It is important that you can only validate in the first semester, this is  no longer possible in later semesters. You can use the discount for an unlimited period. 

Stay in touch! 

Contact us at and write to our alumni coordinator, Kinga Ács-Fehér how you would contribute to the alumni community at Metropolitan University. Would you try yourself as a speaker at our alumni events? Would you be happy to give a #metuALUMNIstories interview? Or would you be happy to share your work experience with active students? You can do this by participating in our Shadow Program. If you are looking for a job or recruiting members to your team, visit the METUJOBS portal! 

Do not forget: METU once, METU forever.