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Virtual opportunities

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, METU thrives to explore the opportunities for virtual experiences. Many institutions, organizations are planning to offer virtual mobility or virtual exchange. In this way, you can easily study abroad from your room and meet students and professors from all over the globe.

Virtual Mobility

The easiest definition is this: it's almost the same as physical mobility. You sign up for classes at a partner institution for one or two semesters, but you will only attend classes virtually. The big advantage here is that you will have the opportunity to learn at a different university without the hassle of paying for your travel, accommodation, and other expenses. Also, you will be able to follow your classes here at METU at the same time.

Eligibility Criteria

  • active, full-time student of METU during the planned mobility
  • completed at least 2 semesters at METU
  • the weighted average is over 3.0
  • sufficient and relevant language skills: min B2 level at the teaching language of the host
  • consent and accept that applicants will have to cover all their expenses

Where to study?

As this is a new option for most of our partners, we will keep updating this section with new offerings from our partners.

For now, you can choose the Universidad Finis Terrae in Chile for virtual mobility.

Deadline: 9 October

Find more info here: Fact Sheet UFT 2021 - ENGLISH OFFERING.pdf

How to apply?

Please submit the following documents to :

  • Motivation letter in English
  • CV and if relevant: portfolio
  • Electronic transcript of records
  • Certificate of Language skills
  • Declaration form

Application deadlines

The deadline is 9 October 2020, you can send application to


  • METU will examine that applicants meet the minimum criteria set in the bilateral agreement signed with the selected partner institution
  • If the student meets all the criteria, METU forwards the application
  • The partner university will decide on the acceptance of the student and provide relevant information on the next steps.


  • Selected students must be active and pay the tuition fee at METU for the duration of the study abroad program
  • In return, the partner university will not charge any tuition fees, unless is stated otherwise in the bilateral agreement
  • the student will be responsible to cover all other expenses and fees, if any, as this is virtual mobility so no travel, accommodation costs are associated
  • Participating students will fall under the same regulation as outgoing Erasmus+ students, therefore entitled for individual study schedule during virtual study abroad
  • A Learning agreement must be filled and signed by all parties at the beginning of the mobility
  • Upon completion of the virtual mobility, a Transcript of Records must be obtained from the host and all credits should be transferred at METU either as compulsory or free credits.

Virtual exchange

Virtual exchange is quite different from virtual mobility. While virtual mobility is somewhat similar to the traditional exchange by attending classes online at another institution and receiving credits. Virtual exchange is more flexible and not necessarily credit-based. „This type of activity may be situated in educational programs across the curriculum to increase mutual understanding, and global citizenship, as well as in informal education projects. Virtual Exchange also fosters the development of what has been recognized as employability skills such as digital competence (the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively online), foreign language competence, communication skills, media literacy and the ability to work in a diverse cultural context.” (source:

On this page, we will post new virtual exchange opportunities. At the moment there are three programs you might be interested in offered through the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project. The only thing to do is to sign up at the preferred course and once completed share your experience with us at

We will keep you updated with new opportunities regularly.

Social Circles 

Participants discuss current issues that matter to them and develop a better understanding of each other’s viewpoints in small group discussions.

Find out more and apply

Length: 12 days

Hours: 2.5 hours a week

Deadline to apply: 15/11/2020

Connect Programme

It uses a unique online facilitated dialogue model that connects young people globally. Universities and institutions working with young people are encouraged to apply.

Find out more and apply

Deadline to apply: 12/12/2020