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Why Metropolitan

We prepare you for the challenges of the job market with our myBRAND training 

  • Our Career Centre provides coachingtraining and job seeking services 
  • We give students practical knowledge through real life assignments and projects 
  • Promident academics, top business professionals, and artists are recruited to our lecturing team 
  • By your graduation you’ll be able to join the job market with an awesome CV 

Metropolitan degrees are internationally recognized and accredited 

  • We follow the standards of the Bologna process and the ECTS credit system 
  • You can start your studies with a preparatory program or start directly with a bachelor or master degree, all in English
  • We also place a great emphasis on language courseswhich are free of charge for you 

We care about our students 

  • Assistance for students: swift and smooth electronic study services, electronically accessible course materials, textbooks and lecture notes
  • Metropolitan has a vibrant student life with partiesevents and trips throughout the year 

We provide foreign experience and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities 

  • With a constantly growing number of partner institutions worldwide, you have several opportunities to study or work abroad 
  • We support your international adventures with scholarships of the Erasmus+ and the Campus Mundi programs 

Hungary is affordable, safe and friendly 

  • Great location in the heart of Europe, within easy reach from other major European cities, free movement within the EU 
  • Among the safest European countries regarding crime rates in OECD countries 
  • A number of Nobel-prize winners and scientific inventors got their education here 

Budapest is an energetic capital city with lots of international students 

  • A scene for a lively cultural life with more than 30 theatres, over 200 museums and around 1000 art galleries. The city is home to several UNESCO world heritage sites 
  • Living expenses are much more affordable in Hungary and Budapest than in Western European countries, but it still offers the possibilities of a Western European way of life 
  • Budapest even won the European Best Destination 2019 title 


We provide a modern environment 

  • Our campuses are equipped with more then 800 PCs and Macs, language labs, art and design workshops and smart boards 
  • Our buildings are easy to approach, they are close to several public transport stops 
  • METU foreverafter your studies you can always continue at METU with an alumni discount 

Easily accessible, user-friendly online application system 

  • Our application site is easy to useit will guide you through the whole application process 
  • We provide assistance for our students regarding accommodation and insurance, we also have a visa package for those applicants who require a visa 
  • Our staff is committed to doing their best to assist you in solving all the problems you might encounter before your arrival