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Internship? Student job? Full-time job? It’s always complicated...we are here for you! 

Find your dream job! We have created METUJOBS,  METU’s closed career- and portfolio building portal for you. 

No need for searching, your dream job will find you! 

  • On our unique matching function-based website you can see opportunities and job offers which are relevant to your studies and interests. 
  • Update your profile regularly, that is how employers can see you. 

You only need your Neptun code and password to log in. 

Use the free services and use the advantages of METUJOBS, login HERE. 

If it feels hard to make it alone, join us to a Career and myBRAND coaching, and we show you how can you make the most out of your professional career. For more information click HERE 


How to build your portfolio 

Building your portfolio is essential because you can organize the situations, when you have gained practical experience and knowledge from a professional task. 

To whom is it obligatory? 

  • For the students who started their studies in the autumn semester of 2021 or later, majoring in BCT, BA, full-time or part-time. 

How to do it? 

  • You can find the guide on CooSpace, here. 

If you have further questions about myBRAND and portfolio building, apply personal myBRAND coaching on METUJOBS. 

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