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Study at METU with up to

75% discount

on your tuition fees!

Want to save up while studying abroad?

With METU, it’s possible – 

explore our discounts!


As a new enrolling student, you can secure up to 10% discount by applying early!

Submit your application document by our Early Bird deadline, and we will give you a discount on your first year’s tuition fee. 

10% off from your first year’s tuition fee if you begin a full-time course in 2024 Fall Intake and submit your application by the 15th of May, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants can apply for any Undergraduate and Graduate course offered by the University.
  • The applicants must confirm their place in the program before 15th of May, 2024.
  • The discount is awarded for the first year only, and is deducted from net tuition fees.
  • In order to keep the Early Bird discount, students must transfer their tuition fees with other fees based on the payment deadline given on the Conditionally Acceptance Letter.

 Final application deadlines: 

  • 2024 Fall intake:
            EU citizens: 15 August 2024

            Non-EU citizens: 30 June 2024

Start your application at now!


Recommend or get recommended by a friend – both of you will get 15% discount from a semester’s tuition fee! 

How much discount can I get?

In case you bring us more students, you will receive even more discount: 15% per every new student. More recommendations are worth you more: you can even get a 75% discount! 

(This means a maximum of 5 recommendations.)

Who can be eligible?

  • Each METU student (international and Hungarian) who recruits new international students. 
  • Each recruited incoming international student.

How can I claim the discount?

The new incoming student should indicate the coupon code sent to the referrer METU student while filling out their application profile

When will I get the discount?

If you were recruited by a METU student, you'll get the tuition fee discount in the 3rd active semester of your studies. 

If you have recruited a student, you'll get the discount in the following active semester after the referred friend has enrolled with an active status. So, if they start their studies in the Fall semester, you will receive your own discount for the following Spring semester.

In case you are not an active student by the time you could claim your tuition fee discount – either because you finish your studies or because your student status is terminated - the discount will be given to the new incoming student in the form of a 15% discount off their 3rd active semester’s tuition fee.

Tell your friends about it and ask for detailed information! 

Contact us at

Further conditions of the offer:

  • Incoming students with Hungarian dual citizenship cannot use our discount offer if they apply through or if they apply to the university through an education agent.
  • The referred friend (incoming student) should indicate the coupon code while filling out their application profile at In case they fail to provide the coupon code correctly and at the right time, they will not be entitled to claim the discount.
  • One coupon can only be used once, by one new incoming student.
  • Budapest Metropolitan University reserves its right to consider applications received through recommendations and admit those applicants who fulfill the necessary requirements. The discount offer can be used only in case the recruited person is admitted to and enrolls at the institution with an active student status.


If you and your sibling are studying at METU, you can both get 5% discount on your tuition fees for the entire duration of your active studies! 

How can you claim the discount? 

You should both apply for the sibling discount in every active semester you start via Neptun. New applicant siblings should indicate their claim while filling out their application profile at

Both or all siblings can get it for the entire duration of their studies, which is deducted from the tuition fee in every active semester during both of them have active status. 

Students can apply for it after enrolment via the Neptun application. 


Are you a METU graduate? Continue your studies at METU master’s program and GET 10% discount from the first year’s tuition fee of your studies!

How can I claim the discount?

No matter your graduation year, you can claim the METU graduate discount while filling out your application at 

Simply attach your diploma throughout your application to prove that you graduated from METU. 

When will I get the discount?

Students get this deduction from the tuition fee of your first year. The discount will be visible in the Conditional Acceptance Letter.

Event Fair/Open day 

If you participated on an educational fair and you met us there, you will be eligible for the event fair/open day discount. 

The 10% discount is deducted from the first semester’s fees if you are recruited from a fair. The validity is 2 years from the date of the fair. 

METU excellence award

New students will be selected for our new merit-based scholarship, those who are eligible will get a 15% discount for the first year of studies. 

The Admission Team decides on the award-based on your performance during the Zoom interview, your English skills and your academic results. 

Webinar discount

If you are applying through a local educational consultant/agent to our university and you have been participating at an online webinar organized by your educational consultant, you will be eligible to get a 10% discount from the first semester’s fees if you make your application within 2 weeks after the webinar was held.


If you are applying through one of the Star Agents to Budapest Metropolitan University and participated in an online webinar organized by one of the Star agents, you will get a 10% discount for your first year of studies.

Please note that the following conditions apply to be eligible for the discount:

  • at least 10 students participated in the webinar
  • at least 5 students submitted their application within 2 weeks after the webinar took place and they paid all the corresponding fees.

Retainer discount

Did you get your visa but you had to defer the start of your program for the next Intake?
We will waive the rate of inflation for you (technically it is determined as a percentage of the tuition fee waived after the fees are imposed). Please note that the number of eligible students is limited.

EU tuition fees

The EU fees are given to:

  • holders of a Hungarian permanent residence permit, 
  • holders of a residence permit with special status (family cohabitation, family reunification, relative of a Hungarian citizen), 
  • those who have a Hungarian identity card/passport
  • those third country nationals who are dual citizens having a second citizenship of EU memberstate
  • applicants from EU, EEA, Turkey

Please note EU fees are not available for Swiss and British applicants.

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General regulations of discounts:

  • If students enroll in a passive semester, they lose the allocated discount for that given semester. This means that if students are eligible for a discount in a later semester (because that given discount is valid for two or more semesters), they will not be able to use that discount due to being on a passive semester.
  • The maximum amount of discounts can not exceed 25% per semester. The ’Refer a friend’ and the MNB discounts are excluded from this regulation, which means that in these cases the 25% tuition fee discount can be exceeded. Please note that applicants entitled to EU fees may also receive up to 25% discount.
  • If students apply for two programs simultaneously, they get the applicable discount(s) for the one that has a lower tuition fee. If this is not possible due to technical restraints, then they get the applicable discount(s) on the program for which they enroll sooner.

Do you have further questions?

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