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PhD Program

Cooperation between  Breuer Marcell Doctoral School of Architecture and Budapest Metropolitan University


The 7-year agreement between the Marcel Breuer Doctoral School (BMDI) of the University of Pécs and METU provides scholarship places for our PTE architects and interior design colleagues with discounted degree opportunities. In addition, METU doctoral lecturers will be assigned a supervisor position at BMDI. 

Breuer Marcell Doctoral School of Architecture 

The programs of the Doctoral School engage in fields dealing with the most important concerns in Hungary and, specifically in the Pécs region, the areas of national heritage protection. The Doctoral School organizes and implements the doctoral program within one organizational unit but offers two different programs: DLA program in Architecture and PhD program in Architectural Engineering. 

The excellent teaching staff and the infrastructure of the Pécs Doctoral School help students to engage in a so-called ‘atelier-style’ creative work, and due to its excellent professional and international relationships, the school provides students with all the opportunities to realize doctoral designs and creations. The instructors and supervisors of the Doctoral School play an active role in the editorial committees of several Hungarian and international academic periodicals e.g. Hungarian Building Construction, Pollack Periodica. 

An up-to-date infrastructural background, which is excellent at an international level, is available at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs. Amongst the teaching staff at the Doctoral School, we can boast several Gábor Dénes, Kossuth, Ybl, Steindl, Pro Architektura, Munkácsy or Artist of Merit Award winners.

In the framework of a similar cooperation, our colleagues researching in the field of social and economic sciences now have a role in the doctoral training of the University of Sopron. 

Our plans include the establishment of METU's own doctoral school, but as long as we achieve this goal, it is of great importance that our faculty continue to contribute to the training of the next generation of scientific researchers and academics - and at the same time, give them the opportunity to establish their own academic advancement.