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You can find the most important rules that define the working of Budapest Metropolitan University. Whenever you are in doubt, you might always consult these basic document to figure out your rights and obligations. However, you can always ask SIC for help too! 

The Statutes and Regulations of Metropolitan - STUDENT REQUIREMENT SYSTEM

The Credit-based Studies and Examination Regulations extends to all students at Budapest Metropolitan University participating in undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as all lecturers and teachers in addition to the workers, persons, and bodies of the University participating and proceeding in the administration of student affairs.

Please consult our current Student Requirement System here.

You can find the previous Student Requirement System here(Plus Annex 1, 2 and 3)

Please find our current Procedural Rates of Administration and Further Services HERE.

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Privacy Policy

Knowing and practicing of our Privacy Policy is the obligation of all METU students and teachers. Please read them HERE.

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Ethical Code 

As a student or professor of the university, there are certain rules you need to keep yourself to in order to make each other's lives easier. Please consult our Ethical Code for the most basic rules HERE.

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Organizational and operational regulation

The organizational and operational regulation of Budapest Metropolitan University can be downloaded HERE.

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Policy on the Management of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property rights aim to protect the rights of students and professors creating own works and artworks.

- Intellectual Property
- Intellectual Property Annex I
Intellectual Property Annex II

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