Shadow Program

Shadow Program at METU

In essence, the program consists of a one-day visit to a head of the company (mentor) offering students the opportunity to get a glimpse into a life in a day of the mentor at the same time acquiring practical experience from the world of work.

The aim of the Shadow Program is to provide the student with some direct experience related to the tasks and duties, the advantages and disadvantages of a specific professional area and position that the student might have imagined choosing in his/her future career and help him/her to make a more informed decision on his/her goals based on the impressions gained about the given field and job. In addition, participation in the program may assist the student in building a professional network and finding a job after graduation.


The applicant

  • has an active student status as a full-time or part-time bachelor or master program;
  • completed three semesters;  
  • has no permanent contract of employment;    
  • is pursuing his/her studies at a Communication and Media Science, Commerce and Marketing, Business Administration and Management, Tourism and Catering, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, International Relations or International Business Economics program.  

How to apply:

The application shall be submitted via e-mail:

To apply for the program, please fill out the Shadow Program - application form and submit the following document.

The application has to include a motivation letter in which the student explains the following:

•    why he/she wishes to participate in the program;

•    what he/she expects from the program;

•    what he/she would like to learn about the field he/she intends to visit;

•    why the company should choose him/her as a participant in the program.

The next application period will take place from September 2018.

Companies participating in the program:

AMC Network International Central Europe,

Armacell Magyarország (market leader in insulation and engineered foam technology),

Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt (Budapest Healing Baths and Hot Springs Co.Ltd.),

Danubius Hotels Groups, Waldorf Catering, McCann Budapest (advertising, digital and marketing services), AXN Magyarország Kft. (a Sony network),

GE Hungary (industrial company),

OTP Bank Nyrt  

The Shadow Program is completed by a report written by the student in accordance with the following criteria:

•    Give a brief summary of your insights related to the Shadow Program.

•    Explain to what extent the knowledge gained during the program has confirmed or changed your previous plans for your future employment.

•    Evaluate the usefulness of participation in the program.

•    Formal requirements: at least 2 text pages, typeface: Arial, font size: 12, line spacing: 1.5

We are looking forward to your application.

For further information contact: