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Career Scholarship

Call for Application for myBRAND Scholarship

  1. The aim of myBRAND Scholarship is to support students in building their myBRAND by providing an opportunity to gain experience in portfolio making and practice how to prepare a job application package. 
  2. The myBRAND Scholarship is announced in two sections: one for business-tourism-communication students and one for art students.
  3. Terms and conditions for business-tourism-communication students:
  4. Each student of Budapest Metropolitan University may submit an application in case he/she
    • has signed in and has an active students status
    • in pursuing full-time studies
    • at a bachelor program
    • has finished 4 active semesters.
  5. Formal requirements of the application:

The application must include the following data on the first page:

Student’s name, study program, e-mail address

  1. Deadline of submission of application: 18th November 2019 at the following e-mail address: ,  subject: „myBRAND Scholarship”.
  2. Eligibility: The myBRAND Office-CareerCenter retains its right to withdraw the invitation for application in case the number of applications submitted by the deadline does not reach a minimum of five valid applications by each section.
  3. Support by the University to prepare the application package:
  4. myBRAND Guideline for Students – on Coospace/Documents/Studies/myBRAND folder.
  5. myBRAND Office-CareerCenter: personal career consultation by prior appointment booking on .
  6. The composition of the committee evaluating the application is as follows:
  7. Head of the Career Center
  8. Coordinator of Internship Relations of the Career Center
  9. An invited HR manager or the instructor of the Career Management subject
  10. A person delegated by the Student Union.
  11. Structure and content of application procedure, conditions of submission for business-tourism-communication students:

Stage I: Preparation and submission of a Background portfolio electronically

myBRAND means that students of METU collect and organize their knowledge, experience, competencies gained during the university years in their personal portfolio called myBRAND. The portfolio will serve as the students’ own brand and it will enable them to be able to introduce themselves confidently and credibly.

As the first step of the application students has to make their Background portfolios including professional and personal elements by following the description of myBRAND Guideline for Students, page 9. 

Formal requirements: The Background portfolio must be prepared electronically, in a freely-chosen form, by using an optional digital means (eg. PPT, Prezi, Excel, website, etc.).

In the Background portfolio students have to showcase both activities within and outside the university eg. courses, languages, internships, trainings, Erasmus, competitions, students jobs, volunteering, sport or creative activities, etc.

At least 50% of the portfolio elements must be shown by using the STARR model of myBRAND Guideline for Students, page 16-17. 

Criteria for Stage I:

  1. Compliance with the criteria defined in the call for application

0-5 points

  1. Form, spelling

0-5 points

  1. Logical, well-organized structure, use of STARR model

0-5 points


0-15 points

The applications submitted are ranked by the committee. The top five applicants are shortlisted and qualify for Stage II.

Stage II: Presentation of Public portfolio

In the Stage II applicants have to present their application in person within the framework of a 20-minute-long presentation.

Applicants choose previously a relevant job advertisement for themselves, for which they would apply willingly. They have to make and present their Public portfolio in accordance with the job advertisement.

Content of the Public portfolio presentation:

  • Why does the applicant think to be suitable for the position?
  • What kind of activities can the applicant show evidence of the suitability for the position?
  • What kind of personal competencies has the applicant to fit for the position?

The presentation of the portfolio must include: 

1/ introduction of the task, 

2/ role of the student, the added value of the student’s activities, how the student could solve the task, 

3/ the final result; personal competency development (self-reflexion). 

Formal requirements: The Background portfolio must be prepared electronically, in a freely-chosen form, by using an optional presentation tool (eg. PPT, Prezi, website, video, etc.).

The main goal is to make a creative, exciting, catchy presentation.

Criteria for Stage II:

1. Relevance to the study program

0-5 points

2. The additional value of the student’s activities 

0-5 points

3. Introduction of the personal development

0-5 points

4. Logical, well-organized structure

0-5 points

5. Visualization, creativity, exciting, catchy elements

0-5 points

6. Relevance to the job market

0-5 points


0-30 points

Business-tourism-communication students and art students make their presentations separately. 

The venue for presentations: Students qualifying for Stage II of the application process will receive written notification of the venue of the presentations.

Stage III: Announcement of Results

Following the presentations, the chairman of the evaluation committee announces the result.

The winning applicant receives a myBRAND scholarship in the form of a one-time award of HUF 100 000, in both sections.

The application is invalid in case:

  • The applicant does not comply with the eligibility criteria;
  • The application is submitted after the deadline;
  • The applicant’s student status is suspended in the semester the application is submitted or evaluated;
  • The application has been plagiarized or infringes on the copyright of others.

No appeal shall be lodged against the decision of the Committee.