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Compulsory Intership


  • If you register for internship subject, check your Neptun messages. We will inform you in this messages about your administration and deadlines. You can find here the current semester deadlines:
  • You are entitled for payment. (The duration of the compulsory internship which is less than 6 weeks, it is not mandatory for the employer to pay.)
  • You can leave the company with mutual agreement! (If your position and your tasks don’t match your major, contact us and ask for help here:
  • If you didn’t find intern position/job/internship, apply for Employment and Career Counselling at METUJOBS. Complete your profile to get the best job oppurtunities, here:
  • You need to sign a contract! You can find here the acceptable contracts and the different types of administration/administration oppurtunities:
  • The Internship is a workplace! You must comply with the terms of the contract (agreement). Related to the work the appointed person is your „boss” at the company.