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Mission and Vision

The mission, vision and value system of the University

The aim of the University is to pursue a high level of education even compared to European Union standards in the fields of social sciences, economic studies, art and art mediation, communication and tourism in bachelor and master programmes, specific trainings, higher-level vocational training, tertiary-level vocational training and adult education.
The vision and mission of Budapest Metropolitan University can be summarised in the following statements.

Our University provides varied knowledge that is competitive in the domestic and international labour market as well. Our education is based on continuously renewing methods that are supported by educators having international experiences and an inspiring, innovative training and research environment.

The mission of the University is to make every participant find the way to fulfill their personal and professional potential in the inspiring and open community of METU. By developing creative thinking we prepare our students for the changing demands of the labour market.

The vision of the University is to be present in the Hungarian higher education medium as well as in the European higher education area as a professionally recognised institution in a good competitive position, educating professionals who possess useful theoretical and practical knowledge and competences that turns out to be beneficial both in the labour market and workshops. Our aim is to make our students be successful in their jobs, professions and creative processes by possessing skills and abilities. We prepare our students to be creative, think independently, to be committed to learning and development all their lives, and to feel responsibility to their community, as excellent professionals and artists. We encourage our students to gain as much experience abroad as possible.

Another goal is to expand internationally in an active way, to increase the number of international students from within the European Union and from third countries thus creating cultural diversity in our University.

Through our mission by taking the demands and requirements of the labour market into consideration, we undertake to educate business and communication professionals as well as artists who are highly prepared, having practical knowledge and competences, who become active and effective participants of the domestic and international labour market and business world after (and even during) their studies. We focus on life-long learning and therefore we provide educational programmes for every age group following their school-leaving exam.

Value system

Through the development of the educational, scientific and art activities based on the value system of the University, cutting edge international professional standards are kept. Our training programmes are created in accordance with the domestic and international economic and social demands by using scientific, academic and art experiences.

The University is open, diversified, we are all different and we all accept each other. We work in an innovative, creative, competitive and market-oriented atmosphere where professional excellence, commitment to continuous development and cooperation is a value. We focus on the solution, not the problem.

Equal opportunities are always respected, any form of discrimination is rejected and special focus is on the help of people in need, whether it is the social situation or any form of disability, we aspire to make our trainings available for them as well.

The University regards R+D as an activity contributing to the increase of the quality requirements of a higher education institution and be a part of such activities. As our philosophy goes, R+D activities are an important field in the cooperation between business and the creative industry. R+D also significantly contributes to the reinforcement of the “knowledge triangle”: the relationship and connection of education, research and innovation takes priority in the development of the knowledge society and this connection underpins economic growth and job creation.

The University is a learning organisation in order to develop efficiency, competitiveness, quality and knowledge capital.

When creating the academic strategy we have also expressed the guidelines and ambitions of academic life.

The quality policy targets of the University

Budapest Metropolitan University is committed to the following strategic objectives in every aspect of its operation:

  1. Providing students with quality transformation education
  2. Providing employees with opportunities of professional and individual development
  3. Creating shareholders value through increasing profits

Strategic objectives are met through the following strategic directions:

•Increase the number of students for ongoing educational programmes

•Innovation: launching new training programmes and fields of education

•Increase students’ life and experience

•Make METU a better workplace

•Increase efficiency

Based on the strategic directions and quality policy, the University expresses quality policy objectives. The “company” strategy of METU is detailed in three further strategic documents, which are:

  1. Academic strategy (“METU, as University 4.0”), which defines the academic quality policy objectives and measures for the year 2019.
  2. Customer strategy, which defines the quality policy objectives and measures for the year 2019 to increase the students’ life and experience for the year 2019.
  3. IT strategy, which defines the quality policy objectives and measures for the year 2019 in terms of infrastructure and digitalization.