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Transfer procedure

You can transfer to Budapest Metropolitan University if you have a student status at a different university. 

The requirements for the student transfer are the following:

  • You must have earned at least 30 ECTs at your current university by the time of admission
  • You must apply for a program in the same field as your current field of study 
  • You must have a student status at your current university up until your enrollment to Metropolitan University 

You will need the following documents for the transfer procedure:

  • A recent student status certificate (issued no longer than 30 days ago) 
  • Transcript of Records (if it’s not in English, an official translation is further required)
  • Syllabi of the subjects you wish to transfer (Please send each syllabus as a separate PDF file, and name them according to the name of the course they are about. Please make sure that they are signed and stamped by the University that issued them. An official translation is required if they are not in English.)
  • A properly completed Credit Transfer Request form
  • A filled out certificatethat states that your student status has not been terminated due to dismissal or disciplinary sanction and the conditions of dismissal or exclusion from your sending University are not present
  • For each subject whose credits you wish to transfer, you will be required to pay 4000 HUF/subject, once you have been enrolled
  • The required documents of your chosen program, as seen here.

Please do not forget to submit the original and English versions of the above documents 

Application deadline:

  • Fall Semester: 15th of June of the current year
  • Spring Semester: 15th of November of the current year

How to apply: 

When you apply to your program of choice, please upload the completed Credit Transfer Request along with all the required documents to:

Please note that transfer requests will only be accepted if the corresponding application has all the necessary documents attached and if it has been submitted by the deadlines indicated above.

Announcement of results:

  • If you gain admission to Budapest Metropolitan University, you will receive an email about the result of the Credit Transfer Procedure 
  • Please note that the amount of transferred credits cannot exceed more then 2/3 of your chosen program’s curriculum, meaning that you will need to earn at least 1/3 of your credits at Metropolitan University. 
  • You will receive further information on the enrollment process via email. (The credit transfer decision will be accessible in your new Neptun profile associated with Metropolitan University, in the Official notes menu.)
  • In general, semesters are recognized after every 30 successfully transferred credits. This is decided by the Credit Transfer Committee. Please keep in mind that the exact number of recognized semesters might change according to the transferred credits and courses.
  • In the course of admission to a program, a subject shall be considered equivalent if the similarity between that and the subject being taught at METU is at least 75% and the related subject being taught at METU.