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Research Centers

Financial Literacy Research Team
Leader of the Research Team: Prof. Dr. Erzsébet Németh

In order to promote and strengthen the well-being, financial security and competitiveness of our country and of those living here, it is essential to mitigate the risks to the national economy that arise from citizens' financial decisions not being sufficiently substantiated or possibly based on misinterpretation. Comprehensive financial knowledge would be needed to understand the increasingly complex financial products and services, to quantify the risks, but also to formulate one’s own needs in general. As the development of financial literacy is in the common interest of all economic actors, several organizations have launched dedicated programs. The effectiveness thereof and the situation of the development of financial literacy have been assessed by the researchers and scientific and professional partners of Metropolitan University for 10 years now. 

Researches focus on fundamental issues, such as: 

  • the financial literacy of young people in higher education; evaluation of initiatives aimed at the national development of financial culture; 
  • personality, behavioural, and attitudinal traits behind financial success and vulnerability; 
  • the impact of changes in the social and economic environment on financial literacy; and most recently 
  • research assessing the financial culture of teachers/educators.

Health, Wellbeing, Tourism and Leisure (HWTL) Research Team
Leader of the Research Team: Melanie Kay Smith PhD

The centre would focus on research, training and consultancy. The scope of projects would include leisure and tourism activities that contribute to health and wellbeing. Some areas of interest could be wellness and medical tourism, spa management, health tourism destination development, liveable cities and quality of life. Some key themes will be sustainable development, service quality, employee wellbeing, customer experience design, marketing and branding.

Metropolitan Media Research Group
Leader of the Research Team: dr. habil. Schleicher Nóra

The aim of the Metropolitan Media Research Group, operating within the framework of the Institute of Communication Studies, is to study the changes in the social functions, roles and uses of old and new media, analyse text-based, multimedia and moving image content, monitor Hungarian and international research results, carry out independent research, and incorporate recent results into the curriculum. The Media Research Group collaborates with the Media Talent Development Workshop to achieve its goals.

Education Methodology Research Group
Leader of the Research Team: Dr habil. Vilmos Vass PhD

Aim of the research group is to conceptualize, start and implement research activities to support strenghtening the education methodology culture at METU, with special regards to the implementation of myBRAND, as well as the dissemination of the international projects. The research group treats the fields or R&D&I as a coherent unit.

Data Science Research Group
Leader of the Research Team: