Tuition fees

Find the list of tuition fees below or download it HERE

Preparatory programs

Professional Foundation Semester for Business Programs, Pre-Master Program:

EU students1,2 2000 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 2000 EUR/semester

Intensive English Language Preparatory Program:

EU students1,2: 2200 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 2200 EUR/semester 

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Bachelor’s programs

Animation, Visual Representation, Graphic Design, Media Design, Photography, Environmental Design: 

EU students1,2 2300 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 3000 EUR/semester

Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, International Business and Economics, Tourism and Catering, Communication and Media Science, International Relations:

EU students1,2 1700 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 2300 EUR/semester

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Coventry programs  (Offered together with Coventry University (UK))

International Business Top Up:

All students: 2950 EUR/ semester in case of Coventry degree ONLY 1500 EUR/ semester + METU Tuition fee in case of Coventry AND METU degrees

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Master’s programs

Graphic Design, Art and Design Management:

EU students1,2 2700 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 3500 EUR/semester

 Communication and Media Studies, Management and Leadership, Business Development:

EU students1,2 2100 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 3300 EUR/semester

Tourism Management:

EU students1,2 2100 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 2500 EUR/semester

Master in Business Administration (MBA):

EU students1,2 2500 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 3300 EUR/semester

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1We guarantee that the tuition fee will remain unchanged during the entire official length of the program.
2Turkish citizens and citizens of the EEA member countries are also eligible for this fee.