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Tuition fees

Preparatory programs

Academic Year 2022/2023

Professional Foundation Semester for Business Programs, Pre-Master Program:

EU students1,2 2200 EUR/semester

Non- EU students12200 EUR/semester

Intensive English Language Preparatory Program:

EU students1,2: 2400 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 2400 EUR/semester 

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Bachelor’s programs

Academic Year 2022/2023

Animation, Graphic Design, Film and Media Studies: 

EU students1,2 2800 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 3700 EUR/semester

Media Design, Environmental Design: 

EU students1,2 2750 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 3600 EUR/semester

Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing, Tourism and Catering, Communication and Media Science, International Relations:

EU students1,2 1950 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 2600 EUR/semester

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Master’s programs

Academic Year 2022/2023 

Graphic Design MA:

EU students1,2 2950 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 3800 EUR/semester

Art and Design Management MA:

EU students1,2 2300 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 2700 EUR/semester

Communication and Media, Management and Leadership MSc, Marketing MSc, Tourism Management:

EU students1,2 2300 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 2700 EUR/semester

Master of Business Administration (MBA):

EU students1,2 2750 EUR/semester

Non- EU students1: 3000 EUR/semester

Tuition fees for 2022/23 spring semester

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1Please note that the tuition fee may increase annually corresponding to the inflation rate published by the Hungarian National Bank
2Turkish citizens and citizens of the EEA member countries are also eligible for this fee.