"The Campus Mundi exchange program gave me an outstanding opportunity to spend 2016/2017 Fall semester at Soon Chun Hyang University in South Korea. These 4 months were an unforgettable experience in my academic and personal life. It helped me not only to deepen my knowledge and master new learning practices and methods from the professional perspective but also helped me to understand foreign culture and lifestyle, which is very important in our diverse society."
Anastasia Gostieva
Communication and Media Studies MA

I’m a graduating student at Budapest Metropolitan University where I study Digital Design. I’m spending my traineeship in India as a UI/UX Designer at a local tech company.

I’m in Chandigarh, a city that is located in the Northern part of the country and with its clean streets and calm environment it’s quite different from the other cities I have seen.

The company I work with owns a bunch of digital products, Tookan (fleet management app for businesses), Jugnoo (an Uber-like app with auto-rickshaws that also delivers food and groceries) and Fugu (workspace chat and customer support app) just to name a few. At the same time, the company is constantly experimenting with new products. My job is to design the visual appearance and user experience of these products.

You can also check my works here:

Greta Winkelmann
Digital Design


  1. Anna Bucsi - Tourism and catering
  2. Sonya Finova - Animation
  3. Anna Prakfalvi- Graphic Design
  4. Fanni Pósa - Art and design management 
  5. Mune Arara - Communication and Media Studies
  6. Regina Vitányi - Graphic Design