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Individual Exchange

This option is for those willing to study abroad outside of the EU at one of METU’s partner institutions. Usually, the partner institution offers free tuition and in some cases, there are opportunities to apply for a scholarship through different organizations (scholarships offered by the host country, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, etc.)

Eligibility Criteria

  • active, full-time student of METU during the planned mobility
  • completed at least 2 semesters at METU
  • the weighted average is over 3.0
  • sufficient and relevant language skills: min B2 level at the teaching language of the host
  • consent and accept that applicants will have to cover all their expenses

Where to study?

To check METU’s academic partners please visit the website. As most of these options are not offered through a scholarship program it is highly advised to check METU’s other Study Abroad programs as well.

How to apply?

Please submit the following documents to :

  • filled application form
  • Motivation letter in English
  • CV and if relevant: portfolio
  • Electronic transcript of records
  • Certificate of Language skills
  • Declaration form

Application deadlines

Application is ongoing, however, the application should be submitted at least a month before the nomination deadline of the host university.


  • METU will examine that applicants meet the minimum criteria set in the bilateral agreement signed with the selected partner institution
  • If the student meets all the criteria, METU forwards the application
  • The partner university will decide on the acceptance of the student and provide relevant information on the next steps.


  • Selected students must be active and pay the tuition fee at METU for the duration of the study abroad program
  • In return, the partner university will not charge any tuition fees, unless is stated otherwise in the bilateral agreement
  • the student will be responsible to cover all other expenses and fees, such as transportation, housing, visa, insurance, living costs academic materials, etc.
  • Participating students will fall under the same regulation as outgoing Erasmus+ students, therefore entitled for individual study schedule during study abroad
  • A Learning agreement must be filled and signed by all parties at the beginning of the mobility
  • Upon return, a Transcript of Records must be obtained from the host and all credits should be transferred at METU either as compulsory or free credits.