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Erasmus + Student Mobility Scholarship


Apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship and study abroad! As an Erasmus+ exchange student you can spend one or two semesters (3-12 months) at one of METU’s partner universities within the European Union as well as in Switzerland, Norway, and Turkey. You will also be entitled to a monthly scholarship fee of 540-600 EUR!

Deadline for application: 11th September 2022, 23:59

We also have individual online consultations on every Monday and Wednesday between 10:00 – 11:00 at (Meeting ID: 992 5957 4078)

Eligibility criteria

  • Your Erasmus+ mobility should be closely related to your current studies to enhance your professional improvement. 

  • You must be an active, full-time student of METU. 

  • You need to have an active student status upon application and your status must remain active during your whole Erasmus mobility period. 

  • You must hold a valid Hungarian residence permit. 

  • You need to have at least 1 completed semester by the time you apply; and you need to have at least 2 completed semesters before your mobility begins. MA students don’t need any completed semesters by the time of application. 

  • You must have an average of at least 2.8 (adjusted credit index) based on the grades of your last two active semesters. (In case of only one completed semester: the last semester) For first year MA students the average of the BA diploma is taken into account. Under 3.2 average students will need to attend an interview. 

  • In case of Art students who are applying to spend a study semester abroad during their degree semester: they need to upload the approval of the Head of Programme and the degree consultant on the application form. 

  • You need to speak the language of instruction of the host university mostly on at a least B2 level. The language of instruction - which is most often English – should be checked at our list of partner institutions 

  • In one study cycle (BA or MA) you can’t spend more than 12 months abroad with Erasmus+ 

  • You can submit your application by 11 September 2022. 23:59

Where can I study?

      The list of our partners – sorted by field of education – can be found HERE

  • Before applying, be sure to gather information regarding the most important questions (visa requirements, accommodation, available courses, living costs etc.).
  • Select multiple institutions to boost your chances.
  • If still in doubt, contact the Erasmus office of the partner institution!

Amount of grant

Selected applicants will receive a monthly grant of 540 EUR – 600 EUR based on the living costs of the destination country and as an Erasmus+ student will be exempt of tuition fees at the host institution. However, they still need to pay the METU tuition fee. The Erasmus+ grant is only a contribution to your expenses, but it might not cover all your costs. Before applying, be sure to consider your financial situation!

  • 600 EUR: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Netherlands, Greece, Malta, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain

  • 540 EUR: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

How to apply

All METU students have access to Office365 which will be necessary for submitting your application.

Visit and enter your user name ( and your password (same as your Neptun password).

In case you don’t know your password, please contact the Student Information Centre or write to

For submitting your application, please fill this form.

  • Certificate of the language level required by the host university, normally at least B2 . This can be an officially recognised language exam certificate or a declaration of the Institute of Foreign Languages of METU. If your native language is the language of instruction at the host university, any relevant document proving your citizenship will suffice. 

  • A motivation letter is needed, 300-500 words written in English, indicating what you would like to study at which university and why. Include professional aspects besides personal ones. How would the international experience complement your current studies and your future plans? 

  • Art students need to upload their portfolio. 

  • In case of Art students who are applying to spend a study semester abroad during their degree semester: they need to upload the approval of the Head of Programme and the degree consultant on the application form. 

  • Optional: Description of extra curricular activities, such as TDK, OTDK, ESN, International student competition, exhibition, other professional achievements, volunteer work at METU etc. 

  • Applicants can indicate up to 3 universities in their application. It is recommended, as granted applications will be ranked and it can happen, that your first choice is already taken by someone else. In this case the 2nd, or if that is not possible, the 3rd choice will be offered. 

Evaluation of applications

All applications that are submitted before the deadline and fulfill the eligibility criteria will be approved by the International Committee. In case the number of applicants exceeds the available slots allocated to a specific partner institution, or the Erasmus+ funds are exhausted, the International Committee will give preference to candidates with a higher weighted average. In case of equality, the Committee will make its decision based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Level of language knowledge of the language of instruction
  • In case of art students: portfolio
  • Other professional achievements (TDK, OTDK, international academic competition, etc.)
  • Volunteer activities at METU

Students will get a written notification about the decision. This will be followed by an online forum about the next required steps.

If you want to get more information on the Erasmus+ application, you can contact us at:

taggle vége


Conditions for contracting

  • Your student status must remain active during your whole Erasmus+ mobility period.
  • You need a Learning Agreement signed by all parties.
  • You must have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), or any relevant insurance valid in the host country.
  • Valid student VISA, if relevant
  • Completed Online Language Survey (OLS) 
  • In one study cycle (BA or MA) you can only spend altogether 12 months abroad with Erasmus+
  • Filled and signed Step by Step Guide and Declaration of Acceptance
  • Official bank account information (needed for transferring the grant)
  • Letter of Acceptance from host university (a Learning Agreement ‘Before the Mobility’ with exact dates of your mobility can replace this)

The validity of your documents and obtaining any documents/certificates/permissions needed for your mobility is within your own responsibility!

All the documents mentioned in the list above are needed for signing your grant agreement.

The mobility cannot take place without the signed grant agreement. You will need to send the signed grant agreement by post, electronic versions are not accepted. 

Please note that your travel can be influenced by the pandemic:

More information on this can be found on the site of Tempus Public Foundation

Conditions of successful completion of mobility

  • You cannot have any outstanding financial obligations towards METU.
  • ‘After the Mobility’ section of your Learning Agreement or a Transcript of Records from the host institution
  • Certificate of Study Period issued by the host institution.
  • Second Online Language Survey (OLS)
  • Successful credit transfer from the host institution
  • Written report about your experience

Additional Funding Opportunities

  • Support of language studies:
    • The European Committee supports students with an online language preparation system (OLS) in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish languages.
    • Language courses offered by the host University before the study period are optional. However, this period can also be funded by the Erasmus+ program.
  • Additional financial support for students with fewer opportunities Erasmus. Please find detailed information here
  • Supplementary financial grant for students and colleagues with disabilities or long-term  illnesses. Please find detailed information here
    • If the participant gets to the host organisation/institution using only green means of transport, s/he is entitled for a one time 50 EUR extra support. Green travel means of transports are: car, train, bus, carpooling, bike, hitchhiking. NOT green travel: plane or ship. 

      In order to receive the support, the entire journey must be done in a green way (so it is not appropriate to use the plane + bus). The participant should have the supporting documentation (ticket and invoice) by the time of signing the grant agreement before the mobility.

Useful information

  • If you decide to cancel your application, please let us know as soon as possible at and attach the signed Declaration of Acceptance
  • If you are selected, we will nominate you to the host institution approved by the Committee; however, the host institution’s approval is also necessary.
  • You will need to stay connected with the host university. Keeping the deadlines and providing them with the documents they need is up to you!
  • Erasmus+ helps you to become self-sufficient. Of course, we are also here to help but will not solve your problems for you.
  • Get the documents needed for the Grant Agreement in time!
  • Without a properly filled Learning Agreement we cannot sign the Grant Agreement.
  • The courses you are planning to take at the host university must always be verified by your head of institute.
  • Fill the OLS test as soon as you can after getting access to them in e-mail. The e-mail will also contain the deadline of submitting the test. The test takes at least 30 minutes.
  • If you have participated in an Erasmus+ mobility before, be sure to indicate this at the Declaration of Acceptance!
  • The bank account information required for the transfer of the grant can be obtained from your bank.

Useful documents for selected candidates.

  1. Agreement individual study schedule
  2. Certificate of study period_blank_for OUTGOING STUDENT
  3. Copy of how to fill out the learning agreement
  4. Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Studies
  5. Declaration of acceptance
  6. Erasmus+ Student Charter
  7. Erasmus+ step-by-step for outgoing students
  8. Erasmus Dictionary for student mobility
  9. Learning_agreemen_Student Mobility for Studies
  10. Erasmus outgoing howto