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Graphic design MA Master's

This is for you

if you are empathetic and creative, and have a good collaborative and critical attitude; you set yourself high standards and want to produce high-quality, valuable graphic design work. Even if you have graduated in a different field, you can still switch and choose our training.

"They say, ’Be your own kind of masterpiece’ with the help of METU, I have found my masterpiece. I have found the artist within me. I have found the better version of myself. I’m glad to be a part of METU’s community."

- Aswin from India 

Short description

During our Master’s Program, you can become a graphic design artist who is able to respond to actual situations and present creative and artistic solutions, and who is able to create and implement high-quality work on every job platform.

We are a flexible, fresh-minded program, our virtue is openness. With the help of our faculty of renowned, leading professionals in various fields of Graphic Design, we give you maximum scope to find your individual style and build your own artistic brand.

We invite you as fellow creatives to join us in a good mood, an artistic institution that encourages teamwork, integrated design practice, state-of-the-art design thinking and a good atmosphere, which underpins the creative work with the right theoretical knowledge.

Practical opportunities during education

Practical opportunities during education:

From the archaic classical printing and reproduction-graphics processes to the most modern digital printing machines, our students have at their disposal technical and technological possibilities that allow them to produce the results of their design work in the Workshops and Studios of the Department, whether it is 3D printing, laser cutting, Risograph printing or bookbinding. The cross-disciplinary project-based teaching methodology also extends our students’ skills towards integrated designing processes. With the help of our collaborative partners, our students take part in real-life assignments that allow them to gain professional experience by working with clients during their training.

The training will give priority to: 

  • individual consultations, mentoring by teachers
  • focusing on practical work and creativity
  • creative solutions to realistic, real-life, often challenging problems, actual tasks
  • teamwork alongside individual achievement
  • an integrated, cross-disciplinary project-based teaching methodology

What can you study with us?

  • the ability to solve problems with a practical, functional design focus
  • design knowledge that can be used across all graphic design interfaces
  • innovative graphic solutions based on freedom of experimentation
  • innovative solutions based on individual identity, but which can also be developed in teamwork
  • socially sensitive communication strategy building and creative thinking that reflects social problems
  • the methods of Design Thinking
  • a practice-oriented, creative design attitude, and the ability to respond to real-life, real-world situations
  • The first semester focuses on typography, book design, illustration, infographics, packaging design, image identity, and branding

  • The second semester involves your specialization. You can develop your knowledge focused on the selected area, in all surfaces of graphic design, or in graphic art and illustration

  • The third semester includes complex, integrated design processes, experimental design tasks in both specializations

  • During the fourth semester, your instructors help you to create complex visual messages as a result of the research process, to implement the myBRAND portfolio and the diploma work

Recommended Curriculum:

  • Graphic Design 

Our master’s program builds on the experience you gained in your bachelor’s degree, giving you the practical, real-world skills that you need to pursue graphic design at a high level. Choose this specialization to develop your individual artistic voice in traditional graphic design surfaces and new media fields. We prepare you for your career, so you can design and execute the most impactful, multi-faceted creative visual messages in all areas of graphic design.

  •  What can you study with the Graphic Design Specialization?
    • Typography, logo, pictogram, identity, packaging, book, poster and web design, branding, identity design,board game design, infographics and infodesign.

  • Main topics of the specialization:  
    • Graphic Design Studio Practice, Creative Graphic Design Studies, Experimental Design, Data Visualisation, Branding, Product Design, Complex Design, Print Media, Web Design,Corporate Identity, Typography, Sustainability


  • Graphic Art 

If you are looking to develop your own, independent artistic expression and further polish your manual skills in illustration, comics, book cover, poster and book design, choose the Graphic Art specialization! 

  • What can you study with the Graphic Art Specialization? 
    • In addition to complex Graphic Design and typography tasks, you can also study unique and reproduced graphic genres, art book design, creative bookbinding, Pop-Up book design, manual and digital illustration.

  • Main topics of the specialization: 
    • Graphic Design Studio Practice, Reproduction Graphics, Book Design, Poster Design, Graphic Design Techniques, Illustration Design, Comics, Creative Graphic Design Studies, Experimental Graphics, Graphic Installations

Specializations are launched only if a sufficient number of students wish to join the specialization

  • independent artist, graphic designer, illustrator and graphic artist
  • in graphic studios and creative agencies as an art director or graphic designer
  • work in the online and print media as an illustrator, image editor, artistic head, DTP editor or web designer
  • Graphic Design Studio Practice
  • Creative Graphic Design Exercises
  • Experimental Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Building
  • Packaging and Product Design
  • Complex Design
  • Print Media
  • Graphic Workshop Practice
  • Book Design
  • Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design Research Methodology
  • Typography Design Theory
  • Experimental Typography
  • Type Design
  • Sustainability in a Cultural Anthropological Approach
  • Critical Cultural Studies
  • Creative Visual Communication Practice
  • Media Technology Practice
  • Integrated Co-art Practice

“The graphic artist is responsible for the message, its artistic and aesthetic quality, however, beyond this, they have to take social and ecologic factors into consideration. What effect does the message have? What materials to use when a packaging is designed? What effect will it have on the environment? We would like to introduce our students into the experimental workshop of (re)interpreted graphic design so that we can change the world together.” 

GYULA JÚLIUS DLA, Associate Professor, Munkácsy Prize-winning artist, Head of Department 

“School assignments are colourful, there can be many “good” solutions. Everybody can show the side where they are really good at, in our work emphasis is on individual approach.” 

graduate student MARCELL PUSKÁS 

"I had many great teachers from whom I could learn all sorts of tricks and experiment without limit. Whatever solution I came up with, I never felt like I was being talked out of it. They helped me unpack the idea and find the tools to best express myself." 

graduate student ZSÓFIA PRESSING 

  • BC4LS Sustainability Design Competition 2023: Kata Lagzi, Graphic Design MA - 1st Prize; Ágota Habony, Graphic Design BA - 3rd Prize
  • Vylyan Bogyólé Wine Label Competition 2023, Vivien Icsa 1st Prize
  • ‘Connect us’ exhibition at Vienna Design Week 2022, our students exhibited works that were made for the European Cultural Capital 2023 Project
  • Vylyan Bogyólé Wine Label Competition 2022, Myriam Babarczy 2nd Prize, 
  • ARTHUNGRY 2021, Babarczy Myriam 3rd Prize, Máhr Zsófia 2nd Prize
  • Vylyan Bogyólé Wine Label Competition 2021, Veronika Kovács 1st prize, Dóra Eső Audience Prize
  • OMDK 2021, Dorottya Kelemen 1st prize, Zsófia Máhr 1st prize, Enikő Varga 3rd prize
  • ARTHUNGRY 2020, Fanni Sipos 1st prize, Regina Vitányi 2nd prize
  • Graduation Projects Competition 2020, Enikő Horák 2nd Prize
  • SEIGNWEEK 2017, STARTING POINT Exhibition by Budapest Metropolitan University
  • Laura Sásdi received a surcharge of Móra Ferenc Publishing at the Golden Vackor children book illustration competition in 2017
  • METU ART DIPLOMA PRIZE Orsolya Kosztándi, Luca Kálmán
  • 9TH INTERNATIONAL STUDENT POSTER BIENNALE Skopje, Réka Némedi Varga: main prize, 2017
  • POLISH FILM SPRING 2017, poster exhibition, Művész Cinema
  • BRANDPACK, Galamb Street Gallery
  • ENTER, Exhibition Palace Budapest
  • FONT/ IMAGE Gallery of Ervin Szabó Library
  • POLISH SIGNS, Polish Masters workshop and, exhibition, METU
  • OMDK 2017, Marcell Puskás: 2nd prize, Laura Sásdi: 1st prize, Dániel Szakos: 1st prize
  • MARCELL PUSKÁS: numerous individual exhibitions, Red Dot Prize
  • ZSÓFIA SZTRANYÁK: design of the Hungarian exhibitors, Book Art Festival Leipzig 2017, German Design Award and Hungarian Design Award 2019
  • KRISZTINA GYETKÓ: Budapest ZOO celebrates 150th year anniversary – design of the billboards and invitation cards
  • KATALIN CSENGERI: graphic artist – IKEA
  • ANNA TÖMÖSVÁRI: communication designer – Saatchi&Saatchi
  • JÚLIA DÉR, GABRIELLA BÁCSI: graphic designers – PREZI
  • DOROTTYA KELEMEN – Deutsche Telecom
  • ORSOLYA KOSZTÁNDI – Epidemic Sound
  • ZSÓFIA PRESSING – Warner Media
  • MERCÉDESZ VÖRÖS – Brightly
Our current academic staff members include