Graphic Design BA Bachelor's

This is for you

If you are interested in the various fields of graphics, are creative, have a good visual sense and drawing skills, and are familiar with the basic computer graphics software and are interested in typography.

Short description

In the age of desktop publishing (DTP), graphic design became the most innovative branch of design, with a strong presence of its’ intellectual products in everyday life, both in the online and offline media.

What can you study with us?

- we build on your competences so that they can be fulfilled
- you will find your individual voice and style
- you will become committed to innovative, aesthetic, smart graphics and typography
- we will channel your creativity into a conscious flow so that you can work both independently and in a team

First year:
- developing manual and computer skills
- traditional and the latest graphic technology and procedures
- designing illustrations, covers, artistic posters
- logo, pictogram, brand and packaging design
- branding, corporate identity

Second year
- book and magazine design, typography tools, joint use of fonts and images

Third year:
- interactive graphics appearing on the latest platforms of the digital age, responsive web design, mobile applications, UI and UX design

Graphic design

Choose this specialization to acquire hands-on knowledge on the greatest scale both on the traditional platforms of graphic design and in the area of the new media.
You will able to find your own voice on every graphic design platform through life-like tasks, which you will be able to exploit on in your design and creative work. We will prepare you to be able to communicate visually in the language of graphic design in your career.

- as a freelance artist as a graphic designer, packaging designer, illustrator
- as an art director, graphic designer in graphic studios, creative agencies
- as an illustrator, image editor or DTP editor for online and print media
- as a web designer, UI, UX designer

social science and visual communication; typography; graphic design and design history; typography practice; graphic design theory and methodology practice; graphic design studies and techniques, image theories

“The relaxed atmosphere, which greatly contributes to the skills development of students was pivotal. I chose this course because we were given colourful and creative assignments. I would recommend the course to those who are the experimenting type and consider creativity important.”
Our graduate KRISTÓF SZABÓ

“During the three years spent here I underwent a huge development. I developed a way of thinking which makes me start tackling problems with confidence, and with my peculiar approach I can also involve my style in my works.”
Our graduate BÁLINT TÓTOK

“I have always wanted to become an artist. It was not easy to decide what I want to do more - to make projects on computer, or to draw portraits, so when I heard about METU I realized that I can do all of these things there. Since the first days of my studies, I became sure on 110% that all my dreams will come true. Here is a very good atmosphere, and all of the teachers are very friendly, helpful and professional. I met with a lot of people from all over the world. Every day you getting new experience and it's awesome! It's hard to tell something bad about this university. I'm in love with METU and Budapest also!”
(Anastasia Beletskaya from Russia, Graphic Design BA)

OMDK 2015, Marcell Puskás: Pro Arte Gold Prize; Orsolya Kosztándi, 1st prize; Barbara Zsidek: 3rd prize; 14. ARC poster exhibition, Ádám Faniszló: special prize; 7th NOVI SAD INTERNATIONAL STUDENT POSTER BIENNALE, Kristóf Szabó: main prize; A38XMET winning posters: Tiger Lillies/Mais Ahmad; sóley/Alba Jorge Cardona; OMDK 2017 Marcell Puskás: 2nd prize, Laura Sásdi: 1st prize, Dániel Szakos: 1st prize; POLISH SIGNS, Polish Masters workshop and, exhibition, 1. POSTERFEST INTERNATIONAL POSTER COMPETITION Bálint Tótok: 2nd prize, Ádám Faniszló: 3rd prize; PACKAGING OF THE WORLD works of Zsófia Paszternák, Krisztina Németh in the selection; FONT/IMAGE, Gallery of Ervin Szabó Library; ENTER, Exhibition Palace Budapest; BRANDPACK, Galamb Street Gallery; POLISH FILM SPRING 2017, poster exhibition, Művész Cinema;

NIKI GROZNICS Prezi; RITA PAPP Scolar Publishing;

Our current academic staff members include