Graphic design MA Master's

This is for you

If you are sympathetic and creative, a good team worker and have a critical attitude. No matter you graduated in another field, you can change careers and choose our training.

Short description

During our course, you can become a graphic designer artist who is able to respond to actual situations and present creative and artistic solutions, and who is able to create and implement high quality work on every job platform

What can you study with us?

- practical problem-solving based on functional design
- innovative solutions based on individual identity, which can also be exploited in teamwork
- methods of design thinking
- theoretical knowledge supporting your creative work

- first semester: typography, book design, illustration, infographics, packaging design
- second semester – specialization: you can develop your knowledge focused on the selected area
- third semester: artistic graphic design, print-media graphic design, identity graphic design, media graphic design
- fourth semester: your teachers help you in the implementation of a complex visual message realized as the result of a research process

Typography – typeface design:
A designed font or font type set speaks about the world when it was carved as paintings, sculptures, buildings or objects do.
If you are interested in classic and experimental typography, if you want to be involved in the legacy of famous font carvers and you are attracted by micro-typography, artistic calligraphy, the beauty of design fonts, choose this specialization, which is a unique course both in Hungary and Europe. Our staff members are practicing typographers and typeface designers committed to this extremely important field of graphic design.

Graphic Art:
If you wish to create your own artistic expressive style and would like to dive deep into the world of illustrations, cartoons, book cover and poster design, book design where you can use your excellent manual skills, choose our Graphic Art specialization!

Specializations are launched only if the sufficient number of students wish to join the specialization.

- you can work as an independent artist in graphic design, illustration or graphic art
- you can work for graphic studios, creative agencies as Art Director or graphic designer
- you can work in the online and print media as an illustrator, image editor, artistic head, DTP editor, web designer

“School assignments are colourful, there can be many “good” solutions. Everybody can show the side where they are really good at, in our work emphasis is on individual approach.”
graduate student MARCELL PUSKÁS

“The graphic artist is responsible for the message, its artistic and aesthetic quality, however, beyond this, they have to take social and ecologic factors into consideration. What effect does the message have? What materials to use when a packaging is designed? What effect will it have on the environment? We would like to introduce our students into the experimental workshop of (re)interpreted graphic design so that we can change the world together.”

  • OMDK 2017 Marcell Puskás: 2nd prize, Laura Sásdi, 1st prize, Dániel Szakos, 1st prize;
  • POLISH SIGNS: Polish Masters workshop and, exhibition, METU;
  • FONT/IMAGE: Gallery of Ervin Szabó Library;
  • ENTER: Exhibition Palace Budapest;
  • BRANDPACK: Galamb Street Gallery;
  • POLISH FILM SPRING 2017: poster exhibition, Művész Cinema;
  • 9TH INTERNATIONAL STUDENT POSTER BIENNALE Skopje: Réka Némedi Varga, main prize;
  • METU ART DIPLOMA PRIZE Orsolya Kosztándi, Luca Kálmán; Laura Sásdi received a surcharge of Móra Ferenc Publishing at the Golden Vackor children book illustration competition in 2017;
  • MARCELL PUSKÁS: numerous individual exhibitions;
  • ZSÓFIA SZTRANYÁK: design of the Hungarian exhibitors, Book Art Festival Leipzig 2017;
  • KRISZTINA GYETKÓ: Budapest ZOO celebrates 150th year anniversary – design of the billboards and invitation cards;
  • KATALIN CSENGERI: graphic artist, IKEA

Our current academic staff members include