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Student's Union

The Students’ Union at the University is working for the students and their well-being. Along with the representation of the current students, it also focuses on enriching the students’ educational, sport and social life. One of the noble tasks of the organization is to judge and allocate the different scholarships, to help students with educational issues, to provide sports facilities and to organize social events, of which the most important and biggest is the annually organized Freshmen’s Camp.  The organizational structure of the Students’ Union: 

Educational Team:

As part of Students’ Union, there is an educational team to help students make advancement during the semesters to be achieved. They inform their fellow students, give educational forums about the different operations to be done in Neptun, such as course and exam registration. They can also help freshmen and older, more experienced students to figure out what myBrand-based education involves. They also work in close cooperation with the Student Information Centre (SIC) and the Career Centre/myBRAND office, so they can forward the important matters quickly and efficiently to the organization in charge.

Marketing Team:

The Student's Union Marketing team deals with creating the communication of the organization, the official social media platforms of the Students’ Union (Facebook, Instagram), as well as advertising and representing the different offline and online programmes in a creative way. The Marketing team manages the incoming messages, emails connected to the field and also supports the Students’ Union work to manage different projects. 

Events Team:

The Event Team organizes and manages the students with offline and online events to relax after education. The most important tasks are to keep in touch with contractors and venues, to create the themes, to invite the presenters or artists and obviously to manage and execute the programmes. One of the tasks is to lead the METU promoters’ team, including all aspects, such as selling tickets, online marketing, financial reconciliation, checking the venues and having meetings. The most important project of the Event team is to be actively contributing to planning and organizing the Freshmen’s Camp. 

Sports Team: 

The Student's Union Sports team mainly deals with organizing different team activities and trainings (offline or online), advertising and promoting these on different social media platforms. Creativity plays an important role in brainstorming and executing the ideas. The team puts an emphasis not only on team sports but also on individual activities by offering opportunities to the students as the primary aim is to make students love different types of physical activities. The focus is on improving sports life and keeping it at a high level, in order to achieve this, they offer an ever-increasing choice of programmes for students. 

Artists Team:

One of the most important tasks of Student's Union Artist team is to connect the students studying in the Art and CBT majors and to foster and support mutual projects. This unit of Students’ Union is the cornerstone of improving the University’s creativity and organizing its cultural life, also manages the initiatives arising from students’ regarding different art- and cultural events. 

External relations and Organizational vice president:

The person holding this position keeps connections with different organizations and students’ committees of the University on a daily basis in order to reach a smooth workflow. They also keep in touch with old METU students, the Alumni. 


The representatives elected by the active students are the members of the Delegates’ Commission of the Students’ Union, as this is the highest level of the decision-making body. Every new idea, short- and long-term plan, event and change within the organization can be executed only if they are approved by the Delegates’ Commission. The members elect the people for the given positions in the President’s Commission and they are responsible for representing the students’ interests at the Student's Union level.