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Tourism and Catering BSc Bachelor's

This is for you

you are open-minded, interested in culture, travelling and learning foreign languages. Ideally, you should also be creative and have good problem-solving and organizational skills.

"Biggest Motivation for me at METU besides the study are the people around me, who work so hard to achieve their goals and always seeking for something new. This helps me to gave a smile on my face and look forward."
- Aya Youssri, From Morocco

Short description

Budapest is the vibrant capital of Hungary and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Consequently, tourism and catering is one of the most attractive degree programs in Hungary as well as in Budapest. Tourism is one of the most culturally interesting and economically important subjects in the world.  

This bachelor program offers thorough grounding in all important subjects and topics in tourism and catering. What makes the program really unique is the host of specializations available for students including Health Tourism and International Hotel Management drawing heavily on Hungary having a world renowned reputation due to its rich thermal healing water assets or its number one position in international dental tourism. Furthermore, we place emphasis on the development of practical skills, therefore our students will have the opportunity to undertake project-based learning, challenge themselves in professional competitions, attend workshops, or take part in hotel visits. 

• International Hotel Management
• Health Tourism

Specializations are launched only if the minimum of 15 students wish to join the specialization 

  • Tour operators  
  • Managers of family businesses  
  • Tourist consultants or advisors  
  • Event organizers  
  • Tourism managers of small municipalities and regions  
  • Managers of local, regional and national tourism  
  • Animators  
  • Managers working for health and wellness spas  
  • Mid- and top-level managers of hotels
  • Attraction managers 

Leisure and Tourism Studies; Tourism Marketing; Catering and Gastronomy Studies; Attractions Management and Experience Design; Tourism Geography; Hotel Management; Tourism Destination Management; Introduction to Health Tourism; Travel Agency Management; Informatics; Microeconomics; Social Studies; Basics of Law; Business Economics; Management and Organization; Finance and AccountingAttractions Management and Experience Design, Introduction to Health Tourism. 

Further information on detailed curriculum click HERE