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Media Design BA Bachelor's

This is for you

.... you are interested in digital post-production work for motion pictures and VFX, if you want to get to know UX design, light painting, game development, making virtual reality applications, media installations, music informatics, data visualization. If you are creative, have extensive visual, technical and critical sense and you are familiar with IT or feel you are ready to acquire the necessary skills. 

“We do not have to convey the message of the media, but persuade the media to convey our message.” 

– Szacsva Y Pál DLA 

Short description

Media designers are the polyhistors of the 21st century. In the age of constant technological revolution their role is not only to follow, but to shape that with artistic sensibility: to make the new digital world digestible for us, from the World Wide Web, through the post-production of films to game development. 

What can you study with us?

  • The design and implementation of art works, installations, interactive applications 
  • Graphic design 
  • The acquisition of the basics of motion picture making 
  •  Sound design 
  • Interaction & UX design 
  • 3D design 
  • Game design 
  • Making of film and visual effects, digital post-production works 
  • The first year is about the laying the groundwork for the mindset of an artist, visual logic and composition skills while exploring your individual creative competences. 

  • The second year focuses on deepening your technical knowledge, getting to know tools and software, most of all in 2D and 3D design as well as interactive applications 

  • The third year you can design and accomplish complex tasks, creative projects, and you can prepare for your graduate career in live situations, in cooperation with real stakeholders of the creative industry 

Recommended Curriculum:

  • Design artist in creative industries 
  • Experimental designer or programme officer in areas where visual literacy, project design and interaction planning are indispensable 
  • Independent media artist 
  • In post-production motion picture studios 
  • At game designing companies 

VFX (motion picture digital post-production work); moving graphics, UX (user experience) design; video mapping (light painting); game development; making virtual reality applications; sound design; data visualization; web design; media installation 

Further information on detailed curriculum click HERE

“This faculty is an endless sea of creativity, where everybody can find the most suitable tool to express themselves to realize their ideas.”

“Media design is the Swiss army knife of art faculties, as knowledge acquired here can be used for a multitude of things.”
Our graduate LAMBERT TÓTH

“We do not have to convey the message of the media, but make media to convey our message.”

  • OMDK (National Arts Students’ Conference) 2017Viktória Szekér: Media art and theory, 2nd prize; Szilveszter Őry, Installation, 2nd prize 
  • OMDK 2015 Intermedia, Gábor Balázs: 1st prize 
  • INSHADOW FESTIVAL 2014 Marcell Andristyák: Best international student film award; METU and MARIONETT projection 
  • MADÁCH RETRO project by Éva Kertész and Ádám Tóth, Petőfi Literary Museum 
  • OMDK 2013 Marcell Andristyák, Dániel Hodvogner, Ákos Kiss, Domonkos Kiss, Video art, 1st prize 
  • NATIONAL MUSEUM OF RADIO AND TELEVISION HISTORY – new, interactive exhibition 
  • TEDxYouthBudapest presentation of Lambert Tóth 
  • FUTUROSCOPE diploma presentation 2016-2021 
  • Dead Man Walking opera performance, 2020, 2021 (visual design by Zsombor, Czeglédi , Norbert Tóth) 
  • SÁNDOR ÁRKUS: motion graphic designer, Fillscrn;
  • RÓBERT FARKAS: motion designer, Next Production;
  • BENCE GRATZÁL: technical editor, Digic Pictures;
  • BARNABÁS KELEMEN, ORSOLYA KASZA: digital compositor, Digital Apes;
  • MÁRTON LUKÁTS: junior motion designer, HPS Experience;
  • CSABA TÁCZI: 3D designer, Quince Hungary;
  • LŐRINC TENK: video graphic artist, Ecer Engine;
  • LAMBERT TÓTH: junior game designer, Neocoregames