Communication and Media Studies MA Master's

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If you have strong communication skills in multiple languages, interested in intercultural communication and wishing to understand the complexity of new media tools and digital technologies.

Short description

For a successful professional it is an essential tool to have strong communication skills, for a successful professional in the media sciences this is fundamental. The Masters of Communication program offers theoretical knowledge with a strong focus on practical, professional skills and competences.

The educational program of the course is strongly media-oriented which is based on a thorough grounding in social and behavioral sciences and present issues of intercultural communication. 

Complying with current social and labor market demands, the course integrates the fields of communication theory, media studies, social sciences, political science, sociology, psychology and cultural studies within the field of social sciences offering a knowledge of high standard, which can be put to a profitable and practical use in various areas.

The communication master course offers theoretical knowledge with a strong focus on practical, professional skills and competences. In order to achieve that objective

In accordance with the educational objectives of the programme, the module places special emphasis on developing the cross-cultural and intercultural competences of students who are also introduced to the complex system of international organizations and the intricate processes that shape international relations.

International Communication

By launching the International Communication module, we wish to provide for the training of professionals who are able to perform entrepreneurial, networking and managerial tasks in various fields of international social and political relations based on their comprehensive knowledge and skills gained in the area of mass communication and intercultural communication in addition to their excellent command of two foreign languages used for specific professional purposes.

The graduates of the communication master course may find employment in a wide range of areas within the field of media and culture including mass communication, traditional and electronic media, educational and cultural institutions, publishing houses and non-profit organizations. They may pursue their future career in the distribution networks of cultural products, at convention and event organizing enterprises but local political organizations as well as other regional bodies interested in social communication may count on the contribution of MA graduates in communication.

Furthermore, the thorough grounding in theoretical interdisciplinary studies makes our graduates eligible to continue their studies at doctoral programmes.

New Media Theory, Theories and Social Functions of Media, Anthropology of Communication,  Visual Culture,  Representation Theory, Effect Mechanisms of Interpersonal Communication, Media Representation Theory, Theories of Identity and Otherness, Media and Cultural Studies, International Political and Organizational Communication,  Foreign Language Communication Techniques

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