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Communication and Media Studies BA Bachelor's

This is for you

you have strong communication skills in multiple languages, interested in intercultural communication and wish to understand the complexity of new media tools and digital technologies.

"For me, METU is like an adventure. It reveals new potentials, gives a great experience, and brings new people into your life "
- Ayla Suleyman from Azerbaijan  

Short description

Communication and the media have become an integral part of our everyday life. They are not only indispensable for work but they play an essential role in almost every activity imaginable. The latest developments in technology provide an opportunity for an immediate reaction to any event. Therefore, new applications, such as Web 2.0 based technology, are of paramount importance for us. Our creativity-focused subjects play an important role to build a professional portfolio for our students Our aim is to transfer the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to understand and master the constantly evolving tools of communication in a spirit that enables graduates to use the novel means of communication and the media in a responsible way preparing students to face any future challenges. 

  • Integrated media  
  • International Communication  

Specializations are launched only if the minimum of 15 students wish to join the specialization. 

  • journalist, editor, press officer, spokesperson  
  • mid-level management position in PR,  
  • advertising and marketing  
  • salesperson, event organizer  
  • international affairs officer 

Theory of Communication; Advertising and Media Planning; Digital Marketing (New Media Marketing and Advertising Trends); Public Relations Theory and Practice; Social studies; Network communications; Multimedia tools; Creative communication; Principles of Marketing; Media Market; Media Law; Media-skills Training.

Media Workshop: The Media Workshop is a platform for students who wish to discover new forms of journalism and the immediate future of the world of the media. If you want to taste the spinning atmosphere of an editorial office, try what a ”one-man-crew” can do or you are a real news junkie, you are most welcome on board. Students working for the Media Workshop may also see their name in print in the national media. 

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  • Teaching creative communication: writing, speaking and problem-solving skills; development of critical thinking and negotiating abilities; learning techniques of assertiveness.  
  • Social media teaching: understanding the new type of communications and the radical changes of social media publicity and conscious usage of it; features of social networks.  
  • Project-based education: providing the opportunity for students to experience teamwork and active creativity.  
  • Learning to use media tools.  
  • Integrated approach.