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Commerce and Marketing BSc Bachelor's

This is for you

you have strong verbal and written communication skills; if you are alert and up-to-date with business events and interested in the concept and operation of commerce and marketing. 

"METU has a wide range of programs in English and the international community here at METU makes my student life more exciting." 

– Victoria Rozhkova from Russia  

Short description

Marketing is essential in every aspect of life – we are surrounded by brands which influence our decisions, and in some situations, we can only be successful if we learn how to sell our personal brand. Commerce and Marketing provides fundamental business and economic skills that offer an unrivalled range of possible career and further education paths. 

Students can develop their skills during practical trainings in small groups under the guidance of recognized industry experts. The fields of marketing, PR, advertising and communication are all open pathways for our graduates. 

What can you study with us?

The first few semesters will focus on understanding the economic, social, and technological environment, to give you a solid basis as a future economist. You will also learn about how to establish and manage a company with success. 

The main focus of your studies will be the basics of trade and marketing, you will learn about the different fields of marketing (advertising, digital marketing, Public Relations, event marketing etc.) through practical examples, case studies, and projects. This way, you can be an active participant of your learning process both in individual and in group tasks, allowing you to learn and master professional skills. 

Besides getting the professional foundations, you will also become familiar with latest marketing trends, learn how to find, and interpret relevant sources, and strengthen your creative skills. 

  • The first and the second semester will focus on understanding the economic, social, and technological environment, while you will also learn about basics of marketing. 
  • In the third and fourth semester, you will continue to learn about the world of business and marketing, and get familiar with different fields of marketing, for example, Integrated Marketing Communications and Market research. 
  • The fifth and sixth semester involves your specialization, with areas like Public Relations, advertising, marketing strategy, digital marketing, event marketing or content marketing. 
  • The seventh and last semester is dedicated to your degree thesis and internship. 

Recommended Curriculum:

  • Advertising and PR: This specialization will prepare you to become a useful member of advertising and PR agencies, or to work for small, medium, and large companies in marketing-related positions. Your studies will be practice-oriented: you will learn how to produce a wide range of advertising and PR materials in practice. We put strong emphasis on new techniques and tools: you will learn not only the basics of digital marketing, but also about new media, or latest marketing trends like content marketing. 

  • Global marketing: This specialization will give you a deeper insight into the international aspects of marketing. During your studies, you will learn about specialties of the international market, and the economic, social, and technological environment. Practicing several skills is also part of the curriculum: you will learn about the process of preparing and making decisions about communication and marketing through different tasks and projects. 

Specializations are only launched with a minimum of 15 students. 

  • Expert working for the commerce and marketing departments of multinational and national companies  
  • Expert working for advertising and PR agencies  
  • Manager of start-up businesses  
  • Executive or marketing professional of small and medium enterprises  
  • Expert in the non-profit sector 
  • Principles of marketing 
  • Commerce and trade 
  • Management and organization 
  • International economics 
  • Integrated marketing communication 
  • Introduction to e-business 
  • Market research 
  • Advertising and media planning 
  • Public relations theory and practice 
  • Digital marketing solutions 
  • Branding in an international environment 
  • Content Marketing  
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