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Business Administration and Management BSc Bachelor's

This is for you

you are creative, have good problem-solving and communication skills, are interested in organizing complex processes, are open-minded with a wide perspective, and aim for professionalism. 

"After 19 years living in my home country, studying abroad in METU has totally changed my life and broaden my horizons, the university and the classes are amazing and adding the great student life in Budapest makes ones experience totally worth it to live"
- Juan Carlos Altamirano from Mexico

Short description

Success has many components. If you want to succeed in business, you should be ready to think big, be capable of comprehending far-reaching processes and have analytical, organizational and managerial skills in order to deliver business results. This is inconceivable without up-to-date knowledge and effective management and communication training. Our courses prepare our students to meet any business challenge imaginable. In addition to receiving a thorough grounding in economics, students will also learn how to make powerful presentations, handle business negotiations, organize events and write press releases. We teach you how to compete to succeed in a professional environment, how to develop winning strategies and how to realize your business goals.  

  • Financial Management 
  • Global Marketing  
  • International Business 

Specializations are only launched with a minimum of 15 students. 

  • enterprise manager  
  • business communicator 
  • environmental manager  
  • expert of EU economic relations  
  • manager of start-up businesses 

Micro- and Macroeconomics; Principles of Marketing; Business Economics; Introduction to e-business; Corporate Finance; Accounting; Management and Organization; Human Resources Management; Logistics; Decision Theory and Methodology (ERP Systems); Project Management; Strategic Planning; Controlling; Business Informatics 

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  • We demonstrate the best business practices through the analysis of industry-related case studies.  
  • Our students have the opportunity to practice their skills in a simulated business environment.  
  •  Our strategic partnership with the Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary provides our students with opportunities for networking and gaining professional experience.