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Art and Design Management MA Master's

This is for you

if you would like to be a cultural manager, if you are independent, if you have entrepreneurship affinity and good organizational skills, and if you have a good style both in writing and speaking. We expect graduates both from art and design programs and, design and art theory students. Also, we would love to have you in our program if you are coming from the field of economics or technology but are interested in the management of businesses in the field of culture.

"If I could give an advice to my 17-year-old self, I'd tell him to dream as big as he can, only the sky is the limit" 
- Juan Carlos from Venezuela

Short description

We expect graduates from the most diverse preliminary education, from the arts and humanities or economics, but we are open to accept students from other fields too. The vivid community of our students is guaranteed by the different skills and expertise of the members. We expect anyone interested in the management of culture and the creative industries in the most diverse sense. 

The world of culture and art is in need of professionals who can facilitate the birth and realization of progressive and valuable initiatives. Institutions and actors in the world of art need professional leaders, executives and organizers who are able to coordinate and navigate in the field of art theory but are also aware how to economically create, run and sustain art and design institutions. Professionals are needed who have practical skills and are able to utilize their knowledge locally and globally. 

Those completing the Art and Design Management MA program become professionals who are capable of developing and managing the product structure of for-profit and non-profit actors in the arts and creative sector, such as museums, arts venues, communication agencies, festival organizing companies and so on. Professionals graduating from our program are able to build and maintain domestic and international relations in the field and gain extensive knowledge about the contemporary art and design scene and its trends. 

What can you study with us?

  • project management and skills focusing on practice orientation
  • cooperation techniques
  • flexible knowledge: knowledge of the contemporary art and design scene combined with entrepreneurial skills
  • The first year:
    • foundation subjects – mostly in theory
    • contemporary art and design scene, institutional system
    • insight into various projects (expos, festivals design studios)
    • development of writing and presentation skills
    • institution-specific skills e.g. exhibition, film festival, theatre management

  • The second year:
    • economic knowledge and management skills 

Recommended Curriculum:

  • Fashion Management 
    The Fashion Management specialization fully prepares students for integrating into the textile and fashion industry. They become able to understand national and European operational models, to identify the players and they will also gain the professional foundations to find their own evolving and marketable profile. These industry sectors are changing rapidly due to digitalisation, innovation and sustainability. These changes give space to new and exciting tasks and jobs, and our specialisation provides students with all the necessary knowledge and skills for these. Self-development, self-awareness, gaining competitive expertise and providing effective socialisation opportunities within the university and with real market player partners (national fashion industry organisations and brands) are equally emphasised.
    The monitoring of global and local trends in market and fashion communication and the development of a confident managerial attitude and portfolio are the main objectives of the specialisation. Talent management and the channelling of knowledge into the labour market are of particular importance for the university. Students can make the most of their weekly tutorials to focus on career planning, internships, job applications and other professional plans.

  • Curatorial Studies
    The Curatorial Studies specialization allows students to deepen their knowledge of curatorial work and tasks as future design and art managers and endorse themselves in the world of management and curatorship in the fields of design and fine arts. The specialisation introduces the functioning of main cultural spaces, institutions, museums and galleries, the principles of their management principles and the ways curators and exhibition management are involved within these. In addition, students will gain an insight into the content and material backgrounds, structures and curatorial tasks of projects, with a particular focus on the contemporary art context.
    The excellent teaching staff with practical experience will in turn outline the different aspects of curatorial work. Students will learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, and gain independent experience through extra programmes, excursions and mentoring. Students will thus gain skills needed not only for curatorial work but also skills needed for a combination of management and curatorial work. The specialization prepares students to realise and fulfil their individual needs and desires to the extent made possible via our mentoring program.

Specializations are launched only if the minimum number of students required apply.

manager, curator or art expert in art and design galleries, museums, cultural institutes

• PR and art advisor of companies

• project manager

• event or festival organizer

  • Contemporary Art Theory and History 
  • Contemporary Design 
  • Creative Industry 
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Critical Culture Research 
  • Curation 
  • Integrated Arts Practice 
  • Project Management 
  • 21st Century Art and Design Practice 

“During my internship at Metropolitan I decided to apply for a Design and Art Management MA, to become someone who can function as a bridge between the market and the artist. I consider the work of those very important who support artists and designers with their professional knowledge.” 
Bernadett Káldi, Graduate Student

“To create pieces of art, to humanize our material world… is merely a noble task. It is even harder to create the circumstances that will allow artists to get their work and values publicized – from the workshops and studios to the people. This is a profession that needs creativity and wit, meanwhile, its significance is getting more and more important.”
József Vadas CSc, PhD, Habil.

  • „CAN’T TOUCHTHIS!” in Bálna
  • MANYI ESZTER RÉCSEY: manager, Vajda Lajos Studio 
  • KATALIN KITTY HORVÁTH: curator assistant, Kassák Museum Expo on Housing Exclusion 
  • TÍMEA VADINSZKY: associate, Budapest Spring Festival 
  • BERNADETT IMOLA KÁLDI: event Manager assistant, Budapest Operetta Theatre 
Our current academic staff members include