official documents and quality assurance


Budapest Metropolitan University applies a quality-oriented management system.

The guiding principles and the essential system elements that Metropolitan considers indispensable for the effective operation of a quality management system are summarized in the Quality Management Handbook (Appendix 8 of the Organisational and Operational Statutes). Quality management processes are under continuous monitoring and control coordinated by the General Secretary, by the Quality Management references. Since the constant improvement of the quality of education and the permanent tracking of the quality standards of our educational activities are one of our priorities, Metropolitan regularly conducts surveys among students, lecturers and colleagues. In addition to the members of the management, each respondent and participant of the surveys receive the report on the findings from the questionnaires. Due to our feedback processes, the improvement of the quality management system has become both a common interest and a joint activity pursued by all of our colleagues and partners.

You can download our official documents here:

Authorization (Hungarian)
Certificate of Registration (English, Hungarian)
Certificate of Registration (Chinese)
Hungarian Accreditation Committee Certificate (Hungarian)
YÖK Declaration on Recognition of BKF Diplomas (Turkish, Hungarian)
Erasmus+ Charter