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Introducing you Miriam Lang-Schlegel from Germany who will soon be a gradute at Budapest Metropolitan University this Summer 2020

Im Miriam Lang-Schlegel from Germany

1. Which program did you study? 

Graphic Design MA

2. How would you describe your journey at METU? 

New, stressful, fun and definitely rewarding. 

3. What were the aspects which you liked the most studying here and being a part of the community? 

I liked it to experience how projects are being taught at a foreign university. With speaking different languages, you let the art speak louder.

4. What was the best thing you liked about your study program? 

Unlikely to the German MA study program I heard about, METU provided with a bigger variety of projects that gave me the opportunity to still try out a lot and learn new things, even if I was already a MA student.

5. How would you describe your METU experience in one sentence? 

Studying at METU helped me growing in many aspects: my character and personality have been formed due to the international experience and my design knowledge has improved as well. 

6. What are you doing/plans after graduating from METU? 

Sleeping in. ;) And after some rest I will focus on building my own graphic design business. 

Diploma work of Miriam: