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Mentor Program

Our Mentor Program at METU is dedicated to help international newcomers integrate into our university and help them settle in Hungary. The essence of this program is to be an open and supportive community: mentors and mentees all together. If you need any support as a freshman at METU or if you want to explore our community while making new friends and having fun, do not hesitate to join us.

How the Program Works?

We created our mentor program together with our students for our students. The idea was to tailor the program exactly to our METU freshmen, and provide them with the opportunity to seamlessly find their way with us.

So in this program as a freshman you will meet your mentor who is a senior student and they will personally be in contact with you with any questions or help required.

  1. All you need to do is sign up for the program here.

  2. After you have filled out the application form, in a few days, one of our mentors will get in touch with you and you can start communicating. You can ask general questions regarding eg. your arrival to the country, your accommodation, any school related questions, etc.

  3. During your first semester you will have the chance to get help from your mentor, but not only that. We will organize events for you where you can meet your fellow freshmen, make friends and have fun together.

  4. After your first semester in the program, you can decide to become a mentor and help new mentees the same supportive way you were helped before.

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Mentor Events

2022 Fall – Jumping Event
Date 11th November, 2022

We visited again Cyber Jump Buda with our lovely mentees and had a lot of fun together. Check out the video!

2022 Fall – Coffe Event
Date: 9th September, 2022

We kicked off the semester with our Coffee Event where we usuall bring together all of our new mentees for getting to know each other, playing games and have a lot of fun. Check out the video!

2022 Spring – Number War
Date: 8th May, 2022

This semester we needed to organize our Number War Event again, since we got great feedback from last semester. This one went even better! Check out the video!

2022 Spring – Game Night
Date: 7th April, 2022

This semester we started our team building activity with a game night event for mentees. Our mentors are real professionals in organizing different kind of games, and all of the participants had a lot of fun. Check out the video!

2021 Fall – Laser Tag Party
Date: 15th November, 2021

We had our second event in the semester where we brought together our mentees for an amazing laser tag party. This event was one of our most exciting one with a lot of laughter!

2021 Fall  – Coffee Event
Date: 11th October, 2021

We had our first event in the semester where we brought together our mentees for a coffe and played amazing games. Everyone had fun, we made new friends and went home with great experiences.

2021 Spring  – Number war
Date: 24th May, 2021

We spent our amazing day in Szentendre where we played Number War, a very exciting game with Hungarian origin. We had a lot of fun and then during our sightseeing in the old town we stopped to eat a delicious Lángos, which is also a Hungarian speciality.

2021 Spring – Treasure Hunting for Freshmen

Date: 11th April, 2021

We teamed up in 3-4 and hunted down all the ’preys’ at destinations laid out by the Mentor Team in the city center. We also had drinks and ate delicious doughnuts together.

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Our Mentors

As a foreign student myself I believe that there are difficult challenges when you move into a new country. I joined this program so I could guide other students to prevent them from having to waste their time or walk into uncomfortable situations. Communicating has always been something that I have liked doing and being able to additionally help someone is a great feeling. This mentor program not only eases a freshmans beginning but also makes it fun. The experience I am gaining through mentoring will really shape my skills for the future!


Adventures and discoveries are the key concepts of the METU Mentor Program.This program is about creating a great atmosphere and experience for both mentors and mentees.  As a person who is always open to new opportunities and dedicated to the work, I see this program as a great chance to enhance my cooperative and communicative skills. I am very happy to introduce the life in Budapest to the newcomers. Guiding and being a big support for my mentees are my biggest motivations



When I first came to Budapest I felt quite overwhelmed with the amount of new information I had to learn. And it was thanks to the help of my guides that I was able to adjust to this new environment. I want to do for our students what was once done for me; and help them adapt to and experience this uniquely wonderful country.


Mentoring,new experience in my life,as a mentor you have to be help the mentees for even some basic information bit still important information that you might consider private,specially coming from a stranger.At the end when you look at yourself you can see how helpful you be for the other students to could find their feet on their own not only educational but also personal ways.


I’ve experienced going to study abroad and not know what to do and where things are, so when I heard of this opportunity I thought it’d be nice if I could help out some people in similar situations. Also since I’m from here I thought that would be a great advantage in helping people out :)


When I became a student at Budapest Metropolitan Universtiy I looked forward to meeting new people and make great connections. It wasn’t long till I found the Mentor Program and it was the greatest discovery of my first semester here. I found incredible people, learned more about procedures and the life in Budapest. Now, as a Mentor I am trying my best everyday to be that support to someone else, because I believe that in life you always get what you give.


The inspiration to create this program came from other similar programs at other universities. My personal inspiration was to build something together with our students for our students. This is what makes this program effective and sustainable at the same time. I am very grateful for our mentors who are collaborating in the management and continuous improvement of the Mentor Program.


I have always enjoyed meeting new people and finding as many international friends as possible. As a former art student, I specifically love meeting other artists and art students. The mentor program provides the opportunity of meeting new people with whom I share common interests and hobbies. I love sharing my own experiences in studying art and living in a foreign country and I love helping people with whatever I can. I myself have always learned a lot from the students that I mentored during my 3 year mentoring experience and this made the whole experience even more worthwhile to me.

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Mentor Team