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Marcell Andristyák - Media Design BA


Marcell graduated in 2013 in Media design BA. During his university years he created several light paintings with his fellow students as a part of the Bubble programme project, which was BKF’s contribution to Design Week Budapest 2013 festival and he was the teacher leading the team as a teacher.

His diploma work entitled Skizm was invited to almost 30 festivals, you can read about the film HERE.

The coolest which I would highlight:
FILE: Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo - selected work
CINEDANS Dance on Screen 2014 - official selection
Voarte - InShadow Festival - Best International Film by School Jury
San Fransisco Dance Screen – official selection
Oklahoma Dance Film Festival - official selection 

A lot of interesting bits and pieces can be read about the film HERE.

Marci is teaching 3D to second-year students. That is his view on it: „I teach the kids to think and see in space. In the first semester I teach the basics of the programme, what principles and way of thinking a 3D scene is based on. We start with modelling, creating simple objects, later these are dressed up, texture, glimmering, reflection is added, we light and animate them. So, the first semester is for the technical foundation so that in the second semester they have enough skills to use the programme, so nothing could stop them from being creative as in the second semester they have to make their own creation.

The emphasis is not on the result but the process: how a bit of idea turns into a final product, what processes this has to go through to reach its final form.

Marcell’s Facebook page and website.