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Erasmus+ Financial grant for disabled or chronically ill students or colleagues

Call for Application

For supplementary financial grant for disabled or chronically ill students or colleagues participating in Erasmus+ programme 

Academic year of 2021/2022

Budapest Metropolitan University and Tempus Public Foundation have opened a tender of supplementary grant for those undergraduate students and colleagues working in higher education who are disabled or chronically ill and who have won an Erasmus+mobility scholarship for the academic year of 2021/2022. The aim of the grant is to provide equal opportunity for those people with special needs who travel abroad as part of the Erasmus+ programme in the field of higher education.

Who are eligible for the tender?

Those undergraduate students and colleagues working in higher education are eligible to apply who have won an Erasmus+mobility scholarship and who, due to their disability or chronic illness need constant medical care and whose medical treatment results in a verifiably and significantly higher cost during their stay abroad compared to the average costs of living abroad (for Erasmus+ programme participants who suffer from for example visually impairment, disability,  hearing impairment, diabetes, lactose or gluten intolerance, or other disease).

What can they claim the supplementary grant for?

  • It is possible to claim the supplementary grant to support extra costs in connection with mobility which can help clear obstacles which might otherwise prevent the participation in the programme. These are well-defined, definite costs that are in direct connection with movement, travel and stay abroad.
  • Only such items can be subsidized that arise as part of mobility in connection with the chronic illness or disability.
  • The subsidized costs cannot be financed from any other source by the participant of the Erasmus+ programme and without the supplementary grant they would not be able to participate in mobility.

What costs can they not claim the grant for?

It is not the aim of the supplementary grant to cover usual costs spent on the applicant’s lifestyle (e.g. food, everyday needs, medicine) - therefore no such expense can be supported that arises in Hungary, without mobility. Any such expense can be supported only if it means a significant extra cost compared to the usual costs in Hungary and the justification is required in the Application Form.

The method of application

The Application can be submitted in a completely filled in Application Form, in which the claimed grant is itemized and also the Applicant gives a detailed justification for the necessity of the items for the given period of mobility. 

Compulsory appendices:

  1. A summary report of your medical history not older than three months; in case the summary report of your medical history is older than 3 months, a supplementary Statement not older than three months and issued by a General Practitioner/specialist that supports and justifies the summary report of your medical history.
  2. In case of disabled students and colleagues: the valid documents being the basis of declared supports/annuities, such as 
    1. The Authorities’ Decision on the disability benefit or the resolution or expert’s report that is the basis of the decision or statement
    2. Decision on being eligible for Invalidity annuity
    3. The authorities’ decision issued on the basis of the complex categorization of the rehabilitation authorities for the provision for higher education students with modified functional work capacity 
    4. The ‘Statutory certificate’ issued on the result of the complex evaluation - even in case of a subsequent request - that verifies the given person’s health status

The opportunity to submit available - even though older than three months but still valid - documents makes the application procedure easier for both parties 

  • In case of grant claimed for medical expenses, travelling home, laboratory and/or expert’s medical supervision abroad,corrective-gymnastic therapy, the treating doctor’s (General Practitioner or an expert) summary report of your medical history issued not older than three months (containing the medical history, the diagnostic examinations/tests, treatments, results, the applied medicine and their dosage, in case the Applicant claims money to travel home, foreign laboratory and/or expert’s supervision or corrective-gymnastic therapy, the information supporting its necessity);
  • in case of a chronic illness, a laboratory or diagnostic imaging medical certificate supporting the illness or other medical certificate and diagnosis issued by an expert. In case the expert’s diagnosis contains the laboratory or other medical certificate supporting the diagnosis of the illness, it is not necessary to include this separately. A laboratory or diagnostic imaging medical certificate without an expert’s diagnosis is not sufficient;
  • in case of maintaining a special diet, the attached expert’s medical certificate must contain information about the diet; or the necessity of the diet must be obvious from the diagnosis. The extra costs of the diet to be maintained must be supported by the target country’s prices.

The Application material must be submitted on a computer, in Hungarian in the given form, in compliance with the following:

To be submitted on paper to the sending institution’s coordinator:

  • 1 printed, original (written in blue ink), signed Application Form
  • The compulsory appendix (original document, or in case of a copy the words ‘certified a true copy’ has to be written on it, with a date and the Applicant’s signature.

To be submitted in an email to the sending institution’s coordinator (

  • The electronic version of the Application Form (xlsx file) 
  • The electronic version of the Application Form (scanned version)
  • The scanned version of the Compulsory appendices

A valid Application can be submitted only on the given Application Form along with the Compulsory appendices.

The deadline to apply

  • 28 May 2021 (for autumn semester)
  • 8 October 2021 (for spring semester)

The evaluation of the Applications, decision making

The formal evaluation of the Applications is conducted by the sending higher education institution, the evaluation of the content is conducted by experts assigned by Tempus Public Foundation, who make a recommendation about the grant. There is no opportunity to put the application in order. 

The decision on the amount of the grant is made by the Tempus Public Foundation’s Board of Trustees and there is no possibility of appeal against the decision.

The amount of the grant

The Applicant has to list the exact amount to be supported for each item in the Application Form. The amounts required for the whole period must be stated in the Application Form.

You can claim a grant only for such extra costs that are closely connected to your stay abroad and which can be verified - in case of an approval – and the Applicant can prove them by submitting invoices.
Based on the summary report of your medical history the medical experts decide whether the claimed support is justifiable or not from the aspect of mobility by stating four groups: unjustifiable, mild, medium or serious.  Based on this classification it is decided how much the minimum and maximum amount is in a monthly breakdown that the applicant is eligible for.

mild disease /disability
medium disease /disability
serious disease /disability

Undergraduate students
maximum 150 €/month
maximum 320 €/ month
maximum 500 €/ month

Colleagues in higher education
maximum 20 €/day
maximum 60 €/ day
maximum 100 €/ day

We would like to draw the applicants’ attention to the fact that the supplementary grant does not always cover all the arising extra costs during the mobility.

The use of the supplementary grant, clearing

The supplementary grant can be spent only on the cost items included in the Application and approved by the Tempus Public Foundation’s Board of Trustees. The supplementary grant must be claimed by items, the use of the support can be spent only in compliance with the approved items and these have to be verified by invoices, in an expenditure account. The supplementary grant is paid by the sending higher education institution to the supported participants.

For further information please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator or Tempus Public Foundation (1/237-1300,