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(available only in Hungarian)

We prepare you for the challenges of the future with the most up-to-date methods, while preserving traditional values. 

Our aim is to teach students the craftsmanship knowledge accumulated over the past centuries and the fundamental skills of design, with which they will be able to meet the requirements of today’s world, and which can even use combined with self-developed technologies.  

Students will learn about the art of design and related craftsmanship arts starting with simple objects all the way up until the creation of complex designs, providing a sound foundation for those wanting to continue their studies on master’s level. Students will design and create unique objects which can be produced in smaller quantities and that will be great assets of their portfolio. 


  • use of materials and techniques needed for creating different objects through highly practice-oriented professional tasks 
  • social sensitivity and high-level craftsmanship skills and knowledge 
  • creative problem-solving skills 
  • representation of artworks on online and offline channels 
  • project-based thinking 
  • knowledge and practices of ergonomics