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Anastasia - Graphic Design BA

Introducing our one of the most successful BA Graphic Design student whom we are proud of!

Hi, my name is Anastasia and I am from Russia. I started my studies at METU in 2016 and finally completed BA in Graphic Design in summer 2019!

How was your overall experience at METU? 

It was such a great experience, I am super happy with my choice of university, because now I can tell for sure that I am passionate about art and especially graphic design.

Which class was interesting for you and why? 

I would say every class was interesting in a way, practical and theoretical so it is not easy to choose my favorite one. I guess I liked the most working in the workshop where we were learning different printing techniques, this helps a lot in a future professional career and also web design, because after taking this class I found that I want to improve my knowledge in this field as well as UX/UI. 

So besides these practical classes which theoretical courses you liked and how did all this helped you? 

Besides practical design classes I really loved studying Psychology and Philosophy of Art. I found my inspiration for the final project in one of the topics of the Psychology of Art class and at the end I turned it into a series of illustrative posters dedicated to Mental Health. 

Did you do any internships while your studying program? 

Yes, I was given a chance to do internship during my studies I spent one year living in Bilbao, Spain and working at a company in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

As an experience what did you learn from your internship?

There I improved my knowledge of Web and Branding Design and also started learning UX/UI. Also that opportunity helped me in a way that I fell involve with Spain.

Now as your Graduated what are your future plans? 

Currently I am living in Barcelona, studying Masters in Digital Design and trying to find my voice in the field of digital art.

Works of Anastasia: