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Ahmed Alaeldin Elsayed Osman - Ba Photography

Introducing you Ahmed Alaeldin Elsayed Osman from Sudan who will soon be a graduate from Budapest Metropolitan University this summer 2020

Hello my name is Ahmed and Im from Sudan

1. Which program did you study? 

Photography B.A.

2. How would you describe your journey at METU? 

I arrived to Budapest after spending the majority of my life in Sudan and Saudi Arabia for the purpose of getting a formal education in photography, and studying it in METU turned out to be a great decision, from theoretical to practical knowledge the department helped me develop and take big steps towards achieving my goals.

3. What were the aspects which you liked the most studying here and being a part of the community? 

It was a great experience to meet people from different backgrounds, learn about their cultures and how is to from where they are from.

4. What was the best thing you liked about your study program? 

The answer to this is the professors, we had great educators and we built a professional relationship and some friendships that will hopefully last for a long time.

5. How would you describe your METU experience in one sentence? 

I'd say it was an interesting, informative and eye opening journey.

6. What are you doing/plans after graduating from METU? 

I'm starting my Masters studies in Documentary Photography next September in the UK

Check out Ahmed Diploma work: