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Photography BA Bachelor's

This is for you

you are interested in visual communication and wish to show others how you see the world through your lens. The ideal candidates have a mature critical sense, enjoy working in teams, and their eyes are always looking for possible subjects and pictures.

 "I am so thankful I chose Metu; I had this chance to learn from big people how to photograph and see the world better and understand how to live better. Metu is the best place to start your journey not only in photography but in any artistic area."
- Soroush Khaksar from Iran


Short description

Photography is able to simultaneously recreate the world of facts, imagination, fiction and dreams. We encourage our students to express their ideas through the means offered by this creative outlet; we teach them how to use the visual design language of photography with analogue and digital technical tools. 

What can you study with us?

  • The visual formal language of photography, its analogue and digital technical toolset  
  • To express your thoughts through your work  
  • Varied techniques and novelties in technology  
  • Critical approach  
  • Independence and teamwork  
  • Knowledge enabling you to join the art World in Hungary and abroad 
  • The first year focuses on the deepening of your technical skills, knowledge of tools and software, most of all studio photography, analogue techniques, through the acquisition of thinking through images.  

  • The second year is about exploring the artistic approach, establishing visual language and knowledge of composition, but most of all about exploring individual creative skills. 
  • In the third year you can design and implement complex tasks and independent projects in live situations, in cooperation with the actual actors of the creative industry and the art scene. 

Creative Photography

  • Photographer in various specialized fields of photography and visual media  
  • Independent artist and/or private entrepreneur  
  • In editorial offices  
  • Photojournalist  
  • Fashion journalist 

Photographic design (creative, conceptual, portrayal, documentary, experimental, press and fashion), creative design, studio practice, history of photography, photographic techniques, artistic interpretation, studies in philosophy, contemporary visual communication, media studies, reportage genres 

Further information on detailed curriculum click HERE

“After studying the fundamentals of photography, we did not only operate with the visual language of image creation but were also exposed to different mediums. Moreover, we were actually encouraged to do so. The possibility of applying various kinds of mediums is only one of the numerous opportunities that METU offered me.” Our graduate student András Bán

“My attitude towards photography transformed, and I also changed a lot technically. I was taught by people and I got to know people in person I only had only studied before. I have made countless contacts, I know the leading photo reporters of the country in person. If you choose a practical training provider carefully and take it seriously, success is almost secure, you will surely find a job. I found my current job like this.” Our graduate student TAMÁS KASZÁS

“My teachers built me up practically from scratch, leaving me the freedom of thought, even expecting it!” Our graduate student BALÁZS SOMORJAI

  • OMDK 2017 Zsófia Szabó, Photography 1st prize; 
  • ART MARKET BUDAPEST exhibition at Art Photo Budapest, Special prize of Hasenfratz Ora Budapest for young talents; 
  • SILVER JAVELIN AWARD 2016 Márton Merész, Sports photo category, 2nd prize; 
  • HELLODESIGN TALENT AWARD Márton Novák, Richárd Kiss, 1st prize; 
  • GARÁZS ROCK exhibition, Photo street festival; 
    • Tamás Kaszás: art series 1st prize; 
    • Máté Szekeres: André Kertész Award; 
    • Szergej Markoszov: Escher Károly Award; 
    • Dzsenifer Varga: Nature and Science series 3rd prize;
    • Balázs Somorjai: Everyday Life 3rd prize, 
    • Zsuzsanna Forgács: Portrait series 2nd prize
    • Máté Ladjánszki: Portrait series 2nd prize; 
    • Dzsenifer Varga: Sport series 2nd prize 
    • Máté Ladjánszki : Nature and Science series Sustainability special prize 
  • TAMÁS KASZÁS: photojournalist,;
  • BÁLINT HIRLING: photojournalist,;
  • ORSOLYA HUSZÁR: coordinator, Capa Center;