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Simon - Communication and Media Studies BA

Simon Craymer who graduated in the field of Communication and Media BA.

My name is Simon Craymer, I am a UK/Hungarian citizen who began university life with Metu back in 2016. 

How was your overall experience at METU?

Having graduated last year in 2019 in the field of Communication and Media Sciences, I can proudly say I have taken a lot from this university. Over the course of my three years with Metropolitan, I had some funny and interesting experiences as well as some dull or (arguably) useless ones.

Which classes have you enjoyed the most and why?

There were many classes which I enjoyed. From informative classes with Professor Friedman, to engaging conversations with Professor Kristina Bodis and exciting presentations with both Dr Jolan Roka and Eva Lukacsi. Many enjoyable moments were shared in the creative communication lessons as well as working in teams with Vass Vilmos. 

Who had the greatest impact on you during your studies?

The most informative lessons which I am using today were taught by Eva. Friedman’s requirements helped me become more motivated and engaged in deep topics. Jolan Roka helped us to find our feet in the university and gave many project work and presentations to help us project to an audience. Without Kristina Bodis, I would not be as proud with my degree for my thesis and the excessive work load which was put into creating the research. 

What are your future plans now?

Right now, I am doing my work in online marketing. It’s interesting for me but I’m curious to expand my knowledge further. I will be looking for more opportunities in the near future.