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Sandra - Communication and Media Science Ba

Introducing to Sandra Pierami from Italy studying Communication and Media BA.

My name is Sandra Pierami, I am Italian born and raised in Cameroon. I started my studies at METU in September 2017, in the Communication and Media Science department. 

How was your overall experience at METU?

I will be graduating in August 2020, and so far it has been an amazing experience, which has taught me so many lessons and helped me grow into a mature person that I consider to be today. And by saying so I don’t only mean study wise.

Can you list a few things that METU has taught you?

Firstly, METU taught me how to be open minded by meeting classmates and other students from various parts of the world, socializing with them and getting to know more about their cultures this makes you open to new things and you only notice this lesson in your day-to-day life.Another thing I learnt is being bold and eloquent, which I developed from some of my class works doing presentations in front of your classmate’s build’s your confidence as the years go by.
Also team work another skill I developed from my university years, doing presentations in groups, making short films in groups, doing tasks in teams all this contributed to that skill I now have and can manage so well. 

Which class was your favorite and why?                                

I had a lot of interesting classes and tutors during these years but my favorite class was my Radio class by Anita Gocza. This class changed and helped me in ways I can not even begin to explain. I am an artist and being shy is not one of our characteristics, this class taught me how to be outspoken, to say what I feel, the quick brain storming of ideas improved my creativity and the friendly atmosphere during the class just reminded me I am the host of my life and I can either be in control or let the audience control me. 

What did you learn while working on your final project?

My final project had to do with the role of social media in journalism and politics a pretty interesting one. It was not that easy as it sounds but I learnt a lot about the social media and how it affects these aspects of our society. 

What are you planning to do after graduation?

Currently, I am still doing music and working on some major business plans, to be more precise a Tv show and Handbag collection. I would love to keep talking about my amazing years at METU but I have to stop here. 

Do you have any advice to the person reading this?

My advice to anyone reading this is be open to change, let new things in and stay focus on what you want to achieve in life. And also you can always go to school and live your dream, just take it one step at a time.