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Photography MA Master's

This is for you

If you would like to deepen your knowledge, if photography means more than just a representation of reality as it is a medium for transferring ideas and defining themes. If you would like to shape your visual environment, show the direction, your own ideas and opinion, have an influence on the outside world and the visual culture of the society as an autonomous artist. 

Short description

The aim of the course is to master the practice of thinking in a photography sense and to create such a creative environment in which the students receive appropriate feedback on their work. Another aim is to help the students create their own style, creative philosophy, visual world, and visual language through the development of creative photography project plans; and also, to prepare the path leading to the birth of more complex, high quality, independent pieces of art, created in the future. 

Visual communication is one of the cornerstones of information societies, including photographythe latter has become an influential cultural factor and significant foundation of related visual fields. After centuries of verbal communication, it has emphasized the visual and created the inevitable balance between the written and visual world. 


What can you study with us?

  • You will be able to manage the different photographic genres and media surfaces not only as a visual problem, but you will also learn how to think in a communication and information structure 

  • You will learn the latest digital technology used in professional photography, and also a wide range of traditional small-format cameras, and the medium-format cameras applied in specialist fields as well as large format photography. 

  • We offer an opportunity for continuous development, independent and teamwork as well. 

  • You will receive such knowledge that helps you join the art world in Hungary and abroad. 

In the first year the focus is on the followings: 

  • As you have mastered the technical skills, the focus is shifted on the independent selection of themes. 

  • We try to find connections, inspire you to think in the system of mediums, and treat photography as an instrument for expression. 

In the second year: 

  • Through integrated research and design tasks, you are prepared for your future tasks. 

  • We strengthen your work relying on your independent selection of theme and the relevant knowledge on the media. 

  • Beside the applied and autonomous fields of photography, we focus on the design work relying on visual concept and the possibilities lying in this. 

  • A position of photographer in the different specialist fields of photography and visual media. 

  • As an independent artist and/or as a freelancer (running your own business). 

Photographic design (creative, conceptual, portrayal,  documentary, experimental,  press and fashion), creative design, studio practice, history of photography, photo-graphic techniques, artistic interpretation, studies in philosophy, contemporary visual communication, media studies, reportage genres

“We are living under the dictatorship of visual images. The technical image creation is getting cheaper and cheaper, and the equipment is available for anybody. In every single second, millions of images are captured all over the world. This massive amount has totally altered the use of pictures and our relationship to that, but at the same time it proves the inexhaustible power of communicating with pictures. In order to be able to live with this power consciously, we have to find the form and device of taking pictures that is the most appropriate and efficient for us. This is our job here.” 
GÁBOR GERHES, artist, holding the Munkácsy Mihály award