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Motion Picture Studies BA, Cameraman Specialization Bachelor's

This is for you

You are interested in film production, you have good cooperative and interpersonal skills, you possess an advanced visual sense, you would like to learn film- video- and television programme production.

Short description

During the filmmaking process the most important partner of the director is the cinematographer. He has a significant role in transferring a film idea into reality successfully in an environment where technology develops day by day. The cinematographer is the person who creates a coherent visual world using his/her own talent within the framework of the opportunities provided by the script.  

In our University at the cameraman specialization the development of the artistic sense is equally important as gaining the proper knowledge of the technology. In order to be able of creating a film at a high level, not only stable technical knowledge and facing new challenges is needed but also a great dedication to filmmaking. Our University emphasis on introducing all relevant elements of the filmmaking, like editing, scriptwriting and directing in order to make our students capable of working in a team later.

Origo Film Studio provides an excellent professional background for the filmmaking training of the university.

What can you study with us?

  • The basics of filmmaking
  • Cameraman skills 
  • Post-production
  • Film theory
  • The latest techniques
  • The professional technical background is provided by Origo Film Studio 

From the first year

  • History of Art
  • Cameraman skills
  • Basic Photography skills
  • Analog and Digital Technologies
  • Introduction to Dramaturgy
  • Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking 

From the second year

  • Studio Practice 
  • Directing Skills
  • The role of music in film
  • Film History
  • Visual Analyses
  • Film Editing

From the third year

  • Screenplay Writing
  • Set and visual design of a film
  • Television Studio Practice
  • Make-up
  • Introduction to VFX
  • Cameraman
  • Cameraman in filmmaking and television production
  • Independent artist

"I chose this major primarily for its practice-oriented teaching and it has proved to be right, I have had inspiring, professional and active teachers. In classes we learn a lot from and motivate each other so that we have an even stronger material for the next task, this extra driving force could not be replaced with anything else.”

Máté Papp, graduate

  • Dániel Füzes Common law „szokásjog” Cyprus International Film Festival - Golden Aphrodite CYIFF „GOT TALENT” , 6th Savaria Film Festival Short film category 3rd place, 2019 Fresh Flesh Budapest International Short Film Festival Best Hungarian Actor
  • Levente Tóth  Zsigmond Vilmos Nemzetközi Filmfesztivál Vilmos Zsigmond International Film Festival Best Young Cameraman: Levente Tóth (Motion Picture Art MA) for filming the Hypnosis and the Bad Actor (Motion Picture Artist MA)
  • Katalin Moldovai: As always (Ahogy eddig) (Motion Picture Artist MA) 72nd Cannes Film Festival Cinéfondation selection