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Media design MA Master's

This is for you

… you have already acquired your basic  skills and knowledge in media design and want to deepen them in the fields of motion graphics, UX design, 3D modelling,  game development, VFX, video mappingvirtual reality applications, building of new media installationssound design, data visualization, web design and you have good technical skillsvisual culture and critical attitude 

Short description

Our most important endeavours  are experimentation and innovation. We don’t only provide intense knowledge in one single specialization but we offer training and foster research and creation in almost every field where technical image is  involved. Completing the program gives you the ability to work as an individual designer or as a member of a creative team in the fields of communications, entertainment and advertisement industry, media research, exhibition insdustry, scientific and educational institutions and in the new media arts production.

What can you study with us?

  • Design and implementation of art worksinstallationsinteractive applications on an advanced level  
  • Motion picture making on a high professional level 
  • Sound design 
  • Interaction & UX design 
  • 3D design 
  • Game development 
  • Advanced level of VFX and other digital post-production work 
  • The first year is about gaining experience in project development, enriching  the creative toolkit, deepening of skills and knowledge of process engineering  for the achievment of interactive, audiovisual art and design productions.

  • The second year focuses on specialization in different areas of media design, such as 3D modelling and simulation, game and advertisement design, promotion and communication design for event industry and administrative services.   


  • 3D modelling artist 
  • VFX artrist 
  • Compositing artist   
  • Game developing artist 
  • Experimental designer 
  • New media artist 
  • 3D Modelling and simulation 
  • interaction design 
  • VFX  
  • motion graphics  
  • UX design 
  • game development 
  • sound design 
  • extended media installation 
Our current academic staff members include