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Management and Leadership MSc - Online course Master's

This is for you

You are creative, a good problem-solver, aiming for innovation, and ready to face challenges. We are looking forward to the application of those who are persistant, committed and cooperative while working in groups. 

„Budapest Metropolitan University has a broad exposure in studies as well as in the student exchange program. You have a chance to meet people from all around the world and broaden your thoughts and have a great experience. Great Leaders lead to the success in many people’s lives.”

- Zalak Reshomwala, METU student ambassador 

Short description

To be a chief executive of any organization is a complex challenge, let it be a small enterprise or a large one or an organization in the public sector. Managing any of them requires an expertise in analyzing, planning, coordinating, solving conflicts and problems, sustaining workflow. We present this approach to our student, so they can cope with all areas of business management, and turn into true leaders of enterprises, all on a professional level. 

Please note this Master's program is an online only course. Thank you.

  • Management consultant 
  • Project manager 
  • Businessman 
  • Manager of own business 
  • Business manager 
  • Management and Organization Theories, 
  • Managerial (Business) Economics, 
  • Decision Support Systems, 
  • Strategic Management, 
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management, 
  • Controlling Systems, 
  • Change and Crisis Management, 
  • The Structure and Operation of Consuelling Agencies, 
  • Consuelling Methods and Techniques, 
  • Management of Consuelling Projects, 
  • Negotiating Techniques and Conflict Resolution