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Pınar Yüksel - Msc in Management and Leadership

Introducing Pınar Yüksel from Turkey: Our Msc in Management and Leadership graduate

Im Pınar Yüksel from Turkey

1. Which program did you study? 

Master's Degree Management & Leadership

2. How would you describe your journey at METU? 

Simply colorful! A colorful roof where students and professors from almost every nation and every country meet in a beautiful city like Budapest. I spent two years that full of fun as well as knowledge and innovation during my studies.

3. What were the aspects which you liked the most studying here and being a part of the community? 

Thanks to the wise-detailed and well-structured courses here, you are likely to access new information. Also, despite being crowded, most students know each other thanks to the common subjects and this creates a friendly environment. Moreover, professors who are experts in their field are mostly happy to allocate individual time to their students. In addition, the school organizes many activities in the adaptation process, and you are informed about everything in the school by e-mail.

4. What was the best thing you liked about your study program? 

I think the pride I felt at the graduation ceremony was the best. When I received my diploma, it made me very happy to see that I received the gift of my two-year effort with a good academic degree. Because I felt that I really developed myself and that I was one step closer to my dreams. And of course, this was a result of having a well-designed study program and working with valuable professors.

5. How would you describe your METU experience in one sentence? 

A positive experience consisting of diversity, innovation, entertainment, knowledge, and productive time that I am glad to have

6. What are you doing/plans after graduating from METU? 

For most people, making an academic career is difficult and tiring. Even though I was a little nervous before I started my Master's degree abroad, my confidence in this sense increased thanks to my experience at METU. It has been just a few months since I graduated! So, I plan to prepare for the Doctorate program after a short rest period.