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Natasha - Communication and Media Science BA

Introducing Natasha our Communication and Media Ba Graduate 

My name is Natasha, I’m from Zimbabwe. I arrived to Budapest in 2016 September and I’m a freshly graduate from the field of BA in Communication and Media Science. 

Why did you choose to come to Budapest?

Honestly speaking I was not aware about the country that much, I was finding for universities in Europe and I found METU and the courses what I wanted was offered by the university and all the courses were interesting. So basically I signed up  J

What did you learn in 3 years of your university life? 

My time during METU years I learnt a lot, learnt how to be professional with my work as its really important to develop your work ethic. The one thing which I gained was that being a journalist or an editor or working in PR is not that easy how it sounds. During my study period I learnt a lot on these topics in detail, which actually helped me to find my path and understand each and every career fields in detail. 

At METU which courses did you like and how it helped you in your professional life?

Almost all the classes which I attended I love them a lot but my favourite ones were: Principles of Marketing, Social studies, Writing articles and Radio Studies. I actually notice that I’m using what I studied in these classes now in my professional life. As I’m working in Sales and it’s a little bit similar to Radio Studies as in Sales we even have audience and we should know and understand what has to be spoken and how it has to be delivered. We need to maintain the balance. 

As you mentioned you are a recent Graduate, tell us something about your THESIS

My Final project topic (Thesis) was Politics in Media. I explained about the interconnectivity between them the relation what they have. Besides this the main reason why I choose this topic was because I really like to know about politics and thesis was something which actually motivated me to research in depth about politics and I came to know a lot of different aspects of the interconnectivity between politics and media. I learnt one important thing after I finished my thesis “Always choose your topic of interest while writing thesis”

What are you currently working as after your graduation?

Currently I work in sales, and it’s not that different compared to what I studied in my bachelors. As I have to communicate with people from all parts of the world. What I studied at METU I’m actually implementing it in my professional life. 

Nevertheless, METU is a multicultural university, with amazing courses, and if you concentrate and acquire the knowledge you will surely succeed.