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Library news

Taking into consideration the still ongoing pandemic, we have automatically renewed all currently borrowed books until 31st May

Library Use Guidelines

As of 10th May, both our Libraries will be open again for use, including all our services.

Opening hours for our Central Library: 

  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 -16:30, 
  • Friday: 12:00 – 16:30

Opening hours for our Art Library (two days a week)

  • Tuesday: 9:00 – 12:00
  • Thursday: 10:00 – 16:00

If you are unable to come to the Art Library on these particular days, you can also request books by e‑mail. You will be able to pick up your books at the Central Library during opening hours. You will also have to specify the day you would like to come for the books in your e-mail. 

If you use the library in person (borrowing, reading, using computers and photocopying)you must keep our safety rules. You must cover your nose and mouth, as well as stay at a safe distance from the other users and staff of the library. There can only be a maximum of 20 people in the Central Library, and 10 people in the Art Library at any time, including the librarians.

For our online services, you can visit our CooSpace Scene here:

For our local services, you can contact us at, or check out our chatbot at


  • In person: you can register during opening hours
    • You can request a physical library card or a digital version. Your digital library card takes the form of a barcode we send you via e-mail.
    • You can also use our lending services by registering with your Student Card instead.
  • It is still possible to request a library card at our CooSpace Scene. We will send you a message of confirmation which will include your card number and barcode. When you access the library in person, you can show this barcode on your phone for borrowing books.

Lending and digitizing

  • Digitizing compulsory reading material – Our online available material is updatedas the digitization process goes along.
  • Requesting compulsory reading material – we do realise that many of you are distance learners now, particularly, that you may be stuck outside Budapest. You can request digital copies of your compulsory reading material on our CooSpace Forum. You can also just send us the course description. The list of available books is under the link below. This list is expanding as the digitization process progresses.
  • Access to digital versions via our “Online available books...” Google Sheets document (check the English tab):
  • Course Scenes also offer digital material – Some of our teachers also make reading material for courses available on their own Scenes. We don’t see these Scenes, please ask your teacher whether they made anything accessible there.
  • Our Scene also includes links to several online sources (particularly in English). You can use these for your thesis and any independent research. Please, check the Online Resources section for more information.

Returning books

  • Any books you have borrowed from our Art Library can only be returned in person during the Tuesday and Thursday opening hours, BUT you will be able to return them anytime at the Central Library during opening hours, OR you can also use the Book Drop box located in front of the Central Library when the library is closed. We will return your books when we next open, and send you a notification by e-mail. 
  • Anyone can return your books, there is no permission required.
  • If you have no means to return your books, please contact us at to arrange an alternative solution.

Reading theses

  • You can now read full-text theses at You will need to log in using your usual METU username and password. Please be careful not to share your login details with anyone, and always log out after you finish reading if you use a shared computer or smart device. The person who is logged in can be held responsible for any misuse of the theses, even if a third party gained access to it.


You can also request assistance during opening hours at or at our CooSpace Scene.