Library guide

Dear Students,

The aim of this brochure is to briefly summarize the most important information about the use of our library and to provide you with some practical advice.

Our libraries

The libraries of the University are located on two campuses: the Central Library is on Nagy Lajos király Road, the Art Library is on Rózsa Street where you can find books used in the art programs.


University students may register in the library free of charge. Registration is only needed in one of the libraries, since students are entitled to the full use of both libraries with their library card.

Use of the library

The majority of library items are thematically arranged and freely available on shelves, therefore students must look for the books they need themselves. Independent orientation is in our common interest. Orientation is supported by various tools in the library but of course, the staff is gladly at your assistance as well.

The primary orientation tool is the online catalogue, which contains the collection of both libraries. The catalogue provides information about the availability and whereabouts of the books but, by clicking on the ‘details option you can access further information e.g. the number of copies for a loan or the return date of the books. The ‘identifier’ marks on which shelf the certain book can be found (the same reference number, e.g. 33/B21 appears on the spines of the books as well).
There are printed information leaflets on how to use the catalogue placed next to each computer but these can also be downloaded from the webpage.  

Useful information

The online catalogue is available not only in the library but also from anywhere on the Internet at This way you can easily and directly check the list of your borrowed books and their due date. To log-in, use the bar-code of your library card. Click Log in. The username is the 8-digit number on the library card, while the default password is a 4-digit number standing for the month and the day of your birth written without space (e.g. 0309). You can also renew your books via the online catalogue.

Some simple rules that we kindly ask you to keep:

1. Please place your bags in the lockers on the corridor. The use of the lockers is free of charge. You can ask for a token for the lockers from the librarians for the time period you intend to work in the library. If you need the locker for the whole day, ask for the token at the reception. You can use the racks in the library for your coats. Do not leave your valuables in the lockers. Take them to the library with you.

2. Food and drinks (except for bottled drinks) are not allowed in the library.

3. You are not allowed to write in, mark or underline in any library items.


University students may borrow 8 books at the same time from the two libraries together. The loan period for the books is 2 or 3 weeks depending on the type of the document. Books with red reference numbers on them cannot be borrowed. Books must be returned without receiving any notice to the same library where they were borrowed from. We attach the due date for return when checking the book out.
When borrowing a book that contains a ‘Please don’t write...’ note, it is your responsibility to check if there is any damage in the book while the book is examined by the librarian on return.

Borrowing is completed by reading the bar-code of the library card and the book, so please always have the library card at hand.
Use on the spot

Books and magazines can freely be used in the library. It is important, however, that after using them, the documents should not be placed back on the shelves but on the trolleys.

Copying, scanning and printing

There are a self-service photocopy machine and a card-operated printer/scanner/photocopy machine at your disposal.


You can renew your loans in person, via e-mail or telephone before the end of the loan period.  We inform you of the renewal and the new due date of returning. You can also renew your books on loan via the online catalogue (by clicking on ‘patron data’) but only once. (However, in case of overdue or reserved books, you cannot renew the loan period.) For any further renewal, you will need the librarians’ assistance. Renewal is also possible if you have overdue (overdue fee or book) on condition that you complete overdue payment when you return the item.
We only renew obligatory course books if there is an available copy at the time of the request for renewal.

Reserving books

Reservation is available for books which are on loan. We notify you about the arrival of the books you have reserved and we keep the books requested for 2 days after notification. In case you do not need the reserved books any longer or you cannot come and take them, please inform the library about it. If you do not borrow the reserved books, you have to pay an extra fee.


1.Overdue fee
With no pleasure but we must charge you a fee for overdue books. We give a three-day-long grace period but from the 4th day onwards the overdue fee for the previous three days are charged as well. The overdue fee is calculated by the library computer program which also records payments.
The overdue fee is HUF 100 per day per book. No further books may be borrowed until completing overdue payments.

2.Ignoring renewal
In case you do not borrow the books you have reserved without having notified the library in advance, you have to pay a fee of HUF 100 for the documents.

3.Damaged books  
Everybody shall try to maintain the good condition of library items. Naturally, it is not allowed to write in, mark on or underline the books. In case the librarian discovers such damage in a book which contains a “Please don’t write...” note upon return (and the cleanliness of which the student was supposed to check before borrowing the document), an extra fee shall be paid. The amount of the extra fee for damaged books ranges from HUF 300 to the full price of the document depending on the degree of the damage (amount of marks, missing pages, stains, wet pages, etc.).

4. Prohibition
Students having an overdue loan for more than one month or for more than HUF 2,000 are prohibited from registering for subjects and exams and borrowing from the library. The prohibition is canceled after having settled the overdue fee in the library where it has been generated.

5. Tokens
In case of loss of tokens for the lockers, an extra fee of HUF 2,000 is charged.

6. If you lose your library card, it, unfortunately, costs HUF 300 to replace it.

Further information

In order to avoid a break in communication please inform us about changes in your personal data (e-mail address, mobile number etc.).
We would like to ensure a calm and quiet environment for studying in the library, therefore please respect each other by not talking loudly and not using your mobile phone!
We can spend some of the amount received from overdue fees on improving our library according to students’ requests. We are looking forward to receiving ideas on how to use the money meeting your demands. You may share your ideas with us! Write them down and place them in the wishbox in the library or send them via e-mail to or

You can find further information on our website including the latest news, our newest purchases and services that can assist you with your studies. For instance, we have compiled a collection of links to help you study and collect material for your thesis, home assignments, projects and research. In addition, you can also find our short film about the library and its use on the website at