language courses

In METU we strive to educate our graduates internationally. After graduation, our students should also be able to use at least two foreign languages for most personal needs and are expected to turn their language skills into an important asset for both their future career and for their employees. We offer multiple language courses for credit taught in English. Here is what our language department has to offer:

General Language courses:

Hungarian as a Second Language I. II. and III.
Chinese (in English) I. II. and III.
French (in English) I. II. and III.
German (in English) I. II. and III.
Japanese (in English) I. II. and III.
Russian (in English) I. II. and III.
Spanish (in English) I. II. and III.
Swedish (in English) I. II. and III.

Preparatory courses for B2 level:

French B2 preparatory course
German B2 preparatory course


In addition to in-house language courses, Metropolitan also provides students with the possibility to take language exams on our premises.
We work in close co-operation with the KITEX language examination centre offering English and German courses for Tourism and Commerce including the opportunity to take a state-accredited language exam in both fields and languages.

Moreover, we prepare students to pass the well-known American TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test which is currently the most common tool for multinational companies to assess the language competences of job-seekers. Our University is an off-site language centre for TOEIC.